New website Q&A

We catch up with Geoff, the MD of Ellisons, to get all your questions about our new website answered.

Why have you developed a new website?

We’ve been working on a complete new IT system which will provide an even better service for our customers for almost three years. We embarked on this major project in autumn 2012 knowing that our existing website was unlikely to be able to cope with the growing demand for online ordering.

Why has it taken so long?

As the leading supplier of hair and beauty products in the UK we needed to address different customer segments and the way they shop with Ellisons. From the start we wanted to create a rich and seamless shopping experience for our customers: including, salon owners, mobile therapists, colleges, students and corporate customers. We were determined to ensure that no matter whether you shop online, in-store or by phone you would have the same great experience. Hopefully we have achieved this and welcome your feedback.

What differences will I see?

First and foremost speed. Hopefully everyone who has experienced the slowness of our old website will see an immediate difference in speed and it’s much easier to find a particular product with our new filtered search. Whether you shop online, in-store or by phone, you will notice a faster and easier checkout process too. We have also introduced some great features for salon owners with multiple sites which will allow them to control orders and stock more effectively.

Will there be any changes to my Ellisons account?

Your existing email address and details will still be valid on our new website. For customers who shop in our professional retail stores, we will be issuing new account numbers but don’t worry you will be able to use your old number as well.

I’ve received duplicate order confirmations, how come?

We’re aware of a small number of issues with our new web site. Prior to go live we undertook rigorous testing, but have discovered some minor bugs since we launched. We are working on solving them as quickly as we can and can assure you that even though you may receive a duplicate confirmation you will have only transmitted one order and made one payment for the goods you have purchased.

I have had some logging in problems with the new website?

Your existing email address and details should be valid on our new website. If you are still having problems logging in or resetting your password, please create a new account and the issue should be resolved. If you require any further assistance please give us a call on 0345 222 8080 and we will help resolve your logging in problem.

How will it work across the different devices I use?

We have adopted a fully responsive approach. This means that your shopping experience will be optimised on any device you use.

Will I receive the same great service and availability from your new web site?

Yes, you will continue to shop in a live-stock environment. On our new website we have enhanced visibility of stock by displaying how many of each item we have available in real time. If you see a product is available when you order, you can be sure that it will arrive as expected.

When will I be able to start using your new website?

Please try it now! Go to

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