New Serie Expert Wave 2 Range

Discover the second wave of the new Serie Expert Wave hair care range from L’Oréal.

Serie Expert has a new range that is split into three categories which target hair colour, restoration and the scalp. These beautiful new products will give your clients that glossy, enviable healthy hair that they will come to your salon to achieve.

Colour Expertise

Keep your client’s hair enriched with illuminating highlights by using the Lumino Contrast shampoo.  With tocopherol to target your client’s highlights, their hair will look pure, bright and nourished. It will ensure your client’s colour is enhanced and looking beautifully radiant. This is also perfect for mobile stylists as it comes in a nifty 300ml bottle.


For stronger, brighter strands, the Shine Blonde shampoo is enriched with ceramide that works to bind and protect blonde hair. The silky smooth shampoo is boosted with a neutralising violet pigment, leaving your client’s hair looking brighter. Give it a go in your salon and your blonde clients are guaranteed to have more fun!


Repair and Restore

Keep your client’s hair nourished with the Nutrifier shampoo, formulated with glycerin and coconut oil that gets to work replicating natural nourishment. Give your clients beautiful, healthy-looking locks with this hydrating range. 

Try the Nutrifier conditioner to ensure your client’s hair is left feeling extremely hydrated with a beautiful shine. This silicone-free conditioner also cleanses the hair and offers an effective, high quality solution for those suffering with dry hair. It’s easy to use, all you need to do is apply evenly to towel-dried hair, lather then rinse thoroughly.

This Nutrifier masque cleanses the hair whilst offering an effective, high quality solution for those suffering with dry hair. Say hello to silky, smooth locks your client’s will keep coming back for. Make sure you leave it on for 3-5 minutes then rinse and witness fantastic results!

End Look/Scalp

Say hello to added texture that feels weightless. The Volumetry shampoo will ensure your client’s hair looks volumised and gives that lift they have been waiting for. Also part of this range, the Volumetry root spray, provides hair with boosted volume and show stopping bounce.  With added texture, it does not weigh the hair down. All you need to do is spray section by section on to the roots and lengths of washed, towel-dried hair, then, blow dry as usual or leave to dry naturally.

This high-tech Curl Contour shampoo is constructed with glycerin, perfect for your clients who need to enhance or define natural curls. It will ensure your clients’ hair is left feeling extremely hydrated with a beautiful shine. This product works in perfect partnership with the Curl Contour masque which also puts a spring in your client’s curls with this lightweight gel mask. Ensure you achieve a smoother, defined finish with your high quality prep. This Curl Contour masque, like every other product in the Wave 2 range, is  formulated with glycerin for its hydrating properties.

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This Sensibalance shampoo contains sorbitol for a scalp-comforting feeling that provides a great sense of balance and harmony. Your client’s will love the feel of their hair after use! The specialist scalp ingredients forms an effective barrier to cleanse and soothe the scalp whilst ensuring a refreshing feeling. This range would make a fabulous addition to your salon or spa.

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