New Lecenté chrome powder collection

The popular chrome trend has made a huge impression on the ever-changing nail world, with a number of celebrities, clients and nail technicians all backing this gorgeous look. After the huge success of Lecenté’s first chrome powder collection, the brand have now released four new powders in a range of exciting colours. Add the fabulous new Lecenté chrome powder collection to your nail supplies today and recreate these stunning nail looks for your client, courtesy of CND™ Education Ambassador and nail professional Fee Wallace.


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Alongside the popular silver and gold chrome powders, Lecenté have now treated us to this stunning bronze chrome powder, the perfect choice for an understated yet beautiful manicure. This rich, copper-toned powder can be paired with CND™Shellac™ shade Leather Satchel to create a sleek, stylish nail look that will suit any occasion.

Rose Gold

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This beautiful, warm pink chrome powder is guaranteed to transform nails. Whether you’d like to create a soft, blush-pink nail look with a warm shimmer or add a hint of femininity to a deeper, darker shade, the Rose Gold chrome powder is a great choice. When paired with CND™Shellac™ shade Untitled Bronze, this gorgeous powder creates a high-shine, glamorous nail finish that is guaranteed to be a hit with clients. But don’t be afraid to experiment and pair this powder with popular polishes such as Blue Rapture and Crimson Sash as you’re sure to be surprised at the beautiful outcome.

Green Chameleon

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The stunning Green Chameleon chrome powder combines vivid emerald colour with gorgeous pearlescent shine that will immediately provide nails with a unique look. When paired with new CND™Shellac™ shade Palm Deco, this powder lifts the deep, understated green of the polish and creates a fabulous shimmering manicure that clients will struggle to forget. However, in true chameleon style, this powder will also transform other CND™ polishes such as the vibrant Beckoning Begonia and the majestic Peacock Plume in a completely different way.

Pink Chameleon

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Pair the vibrant Pink Chameleon with CND™Shellac™ polish Masquerade and create a magical fusion of deep purple and metallic blue. Although this eye-catching chrome powder looks very intense in the container, Pink Chameleon transforms when paired with each polish and is sure to update any CND™Shellac™ nail look, creating a unique finish that client’s will love.

Which of these gorgeous Lecenté chrome nails looks is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter. Add the Lecenté chrome powder collection to your supplies today and provide your clients with beautiful, unique nail looks they’ll never forget. You can shop the full collection here.

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