New BeautyPro and BARBER PRO sheet masks tried and tested

Face masks, and especially sheet masks are becoming a top beauty trend across the globe. We all want brighter, better looking skin and sheet masks are definitely doing the job! Everyone is obsessing over the fact they are super easy and speedy to use. It fits over your clients face in one go, with holes for the eyes, mouth and nose, meaning all areas of the face are covered. Removing the mask is simple too, and saves any faff or mess that you can get with other face masks. What’s more, they are enriched with concentrated ingredients which penetrate deep into your skin for great results in just 15-20 minutes.

BeautyPro offers a range of high quality skin care sheet marks for both men and women. Their vision is to be “a market leading brand in innovative and unique products” and they’re certainly doing that, with over 15 different sheet masks to recommend for different skin types. Plus, they are bringing out a new range of Natura® face masks soon so watch this space! BARBER PRO by BeautyPro also offer the first ever sheet mask range developed specifically for men.

These masks are the perfect opportunity for your clients to use during treatment but also to showcase and sell these to your clients as retail products to try at home! We stock retail stands for both BeautyPro and BARBER PRO to enhance your offering.

We tried the three newest sheet masks by BeautyPro and BARBER PRO to see what all the fuss was about.

BeautyPro silver thermotherapy sheet mask

The BeautyPro silver thermotherapy mask is suitable for all skin types, to provide your client’s skin with intense hydration. The sheet mask is also enriched with Vitamin C and green tea, so it effectively gives your clients a brightening and energising complexion. The foil back forms a tight seal against the skin’s surface, which allows your natural body temperature to radiate from your face, creating a warming sensation.

Paige, our digital content co-ordinator tested the 20 minute sheet mask treatment and told us her thoughts:

“I tried the BeautyPro silver thermotherapy mask and I thoroughly enjoyed using it. It was easy to apply as it came as a single sheet mask that fit like a glove. This 20 minute treatment heats up after a few minutes for a spa-like feel. My skin felt plump and noticeably radiant after removal, due to its brightening vitamin C ingredients. I can’t wait to try the other therapy masks in the range.”

Ruby, our digital content executive also tried the mask and told us what she thought:

“I tried the BeautyPro silver thermotherapy mask. I love anything that contains vitamin C because I find my skin can be quite dull sometime so normally anything that promises to give me a glow is a good shout! Applying the mask was really easy – it was cool at first which felt quite refreshing. After around 5 minutes of wear, I could feel the mask slowly start to warm up. It felt really relaxing and made me feel as if the mask was really working on my skin. The mask’s scent is also really pleasant – it’s subtle and not too overpowering which I like. After removing the mask, my skin looked brighter and felt tighter and softer. The next day, my skin still looked brighter and felt hydrated – usually I have to moisturise as soon as I wash my face as my skin is quite dry however, my skin still felt really hydrated. I’d definitely recommend this mask. It provides an instant glow, perfect for before nights out or events, and I enjoyed the heating experience.”

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BeautyPro gold thermotherapy sheet mask

The BeautyPro gold thermotherapy mask is enriched with hyaluronic acid and Q10, which offers anti-ageing benefits and intensely hydrates the skin. Your client will feel instantly relaxed because the mask warms up naturally on your skin over the course of 20 minutes. The foil back creates a tight seal against the surface of your face which speeds up the penetration of ingredients into your skin.

We spoke to Jennie, our digital content co-ordinator to get her thoughts:

“I used the BeautyPro gold thermotherapy mask last week and it was different to any other sheet mask I had tried before. My skin can be quite dull sometimes so the mask helped to brighten and nourish my skin. It was easy to put on, with simple instructions although at first, I was confused with which way the mask went on! After 5 minutes of putting it on, I could feel a slight warming sensation which felt really relaxing. The sheet mask had many hydrating ingredients, which left my skin feeling really moisturised, although a little bit sticky after the 20 minutes. I also noticed that my skin felt plumper, which must have been from the hyaluronic acid and Q10. I am looking forward to trying the other BeautyPro masks in the future!”

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BARBER PRO skin renewing foil sheet mask

The BARBER PRO skin renewing foil mask, especially for men, is enriched with hyaluronic acid to help deeply hydrate your client’s skin and improve their complexion. The foil sheet mask has a self-warming sensation, which is stimulated by the foil back to allow heat from the skin. This helps to activate the mask’s key ingredients and penetrate into the skin, to provide intense hydration. BARBER PRO skin renewing foil mask also triggers collagen production and improve skin elasticity, for more youthful looking skin.

We spoke to Charlie who gave the mask a go:

“I was slightly reluctant to try the BARBER PRO skin renewing foil mask as I’d never tried a men’s sheet mask before but I’m so glad I did. After using the sheet mask for just 15 minutes, my skin felt hydrated and revitalised. It was really simple to apply, and the mask cleansed my pores of all impurities. I was really impressed by the product so I decided to do some research and found out they don’t test on animals which is a bonus. I will definitely be ordering more of these!”

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Have you tried any of the new masks by BeautyPro or BARBER PRO? If so, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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