Mylash lift

Discover the exciting Mylash lift treatment, designed to create the illusion of longer, thicker lashes without the need for extensions.

This treatment uses a silicone shield whereby the lashes are straightened rather than curled, lifting the client’s natural lashes. This is becoming an increasingly popular treatment, especially for those client’s that don’t like to wear false lashes.

The treatment


Once you have carried out a consultation with your client and selected the appropriate sized shield from the three options available, you will position and secure the lashes on to the shield. This can sometimes be tedious depending on the client’s natural lashes, however a little bit of practice will see you confident in no time.


Once secured, you can then proceed with the treatment and apply both the lifting and setting solution. Following this, the lashes are tinted and your client is left with beautifully lifted, natural lashes.


The results

The results of Mylash lift are immediate and your client can expect the effects to last for six weeks with no subsequent maintenance required; however your client may wish to return for a lash tint every four weeks.

We invited Alison, our Marketing Executive, to undergo the Mylash lift treatment. Speaking to her about her experience of the treatment, Alison said “The treatment was comfortable to sit through and felt like it took next to no time to perform. I was so pleased with the results, the treatment didn’t leave any noticeable residue so my lashes still felt light and natural. They looked longer and more luscious without the faff of having to apply daily mascara. I would definitely have this treatment again.”

Three reasons why your clients will love this treatment:

1) Lashes will appear longer, thicker and darker without the need for lash extensions.

2) The treatment takes approximately 45 minutes depending on the health and length of the clients natural lashes so they can achieve the look in their lunch break.

3)  The results of the treatment are immediate and will last up to six weeks with no maintenance required.

Therapists who wish to attend the Mylash lift training courses should hold a level 2 eye treatment qualification or equivalent. If you are not currently trained in eye treatments, please see our Academy course dates for more information. Keep up with demand and upgrade your treatment menu by booking yourself onto a Mylash course today.

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