Mylash: an investment for your salon

The demand for eyelash extensions and treatments is rapidly growing within the beauty industry. Rather than just donning their strip lashes for a glamourous night out, clients are now longing for a more permanent fix and eyelash treatments are fast becoming a part of their regular beauty regimes. At the Ellisons Academy, we offer a selection of My Beautiful Eyes treatments, with three Mylash treatments available, allowing you to create beautiful, defined lashes for your clients with ease. Discover the courses we have on offer and find out why adding a Mylash treatment to your salon service could benefit the success of your business.

What is Mylash?

Mylash is part of the My Beautiful Eyes range and enables fast, semi-permanent lash extension. With three treatments available including Mylash professional, Mylash express and Mylash lift, you can cater to every client’s needs with the variety of courses our Academy can offer. Discover the difference between each treatment below:

Mylash professional

Mylash professional is a traditional lash on lash extension treatment which can last up to three months with regular infill appointments. From a natural look to a more glamorous finish, a variety of eyelash looks can be achieved with Mylash professional, with a wide range of individual lashes available.

Mylash express

A great choice for busier clients or those looking for less permanent results, the innovative Mylash express treatment takes only 30 minutes to perform and provides up to two weeks of wear. This express treatment still offers the same variety of lash looks as the professional service but with a shorter treatment time.

Mylash lift

Designed to create the illusion of longer, thicker lashes without the need for extensions, Mylash lift is a lash perming and tinting service that takes only 45 minutes to perform and the fabulous results can last up to six weeks.

Why should I introduce a Mylash service to my treatment menu?

With three Mylash courses available, you can choose the best course to suit your client base, as well as your capabilities. If you are a mobile therapist or a beautician working within a busy environment, Mylash express is a great choice for you. If you already offer a lash extension service, why not give Mylash lift a go, as this offers fantastic results without the need for extensions, great for those who prefer a minimal, more natural finish. Here are our top reasons why Mylash is a great addition to your salon

1) Mylash treatments are simple to perform but offer fabulous, long-lasting results
2) With an express options, as well as an option without an extensions, Mylash caters to every client’s and therapist’s needs
3) Mylash offers a host of retail products that are ideal to offer alongside your service
4) There are a number of comprehensive kits available for each service, allowing you to purchase everything you’ll need to perform your chosen treatment
5) Mylash services offer a reasonable cost per treatment without compromising your treatment price

Before and after images

See for yourself why Mylash treatments are a great addition to your salon:

Mylash express – before and after

Mylash express – before and after

What can I expect from a Mylash training course?

Before introducing a Mylash service to your salon, it’s important to complete a training courses to ensure you are able to offer the highest standard of service with ease and professionalism. Whether you decide upon Mylash professional, express or lift, you are guaranteed to receive the best possible training experience from our qualified educators. Here’s what you can expect:


The Ellisons educator will discuss the history and development of My Beautiful Eyes as a brand, eventually focusing on your chosen treatment. They will also discuss the main benefits of the brand and why it is a great addition to your business.

Product and equipment

You will be introduced to the products and tools needed to perform your chosen treatment. From professional lashes and tints to tweezers and glue rings, you’ll be shown all the essentials needed to create the perfect lash look for every client.


Each Mylash courses covers how to carry out a client consultation. It is essential that a client consultation and patch test is performed prior to your client’s lash service as not doing so could result in your client not receiving their required finish or, even worse, an allergic reaction.


After demonstration, you will be asked to perform the service on a model. You may be required to bring a model with you for the practical part of the course but the Ellisons educator will confirm this prior to your visit.


At the end of your course, you’ll be given a chance to ask your experienced educator any further questions you may have. If you require further demonstration or would like to sample more of the products, our staff will be happy to help to ensure you leave The Academy confident and ready to perform the course to the highest standard.

How will Mylash benefit my retail opportunity?

As well as providing three fabulous lash treatments, Mylash also offers a selection of retail products to add to your salon’s offering.

Mylash mascara

As well as being suitable for use on lash extensions, this high-quality mascara won’t affect glue or adhesive, ensuring your client’s lash lasts as long as possible. This mascara also adds volume and is great to add temporary glamour to a natural lash extension look.

My Beautiful Eyes lash conditioner

This professional solution enables clients to condition their lashes prior to treatment, promoting growth and ensuring lashes are in the healthiest condition possible to ensure the best treatment results.

Mylash strip lashes

Great for clients to use between lash services or after they’ve had their lashes removed for instant, luscious lashes.

What costs should I consider before incorporating a Mylash service into my business?

Cost per treatment and pricing

It is essential that you consider cost per treatment before adding a new service to your menu. Detailed below is the average cost per treatment for each Mylash service and the maximum recommend treatment price. Please be aware that treatment pricing will vary depending on your salon or business location and competitors.


Offers are great to entice new custom as well as keep your existing client base happy. Take inspiration from the below offer ideas and boost the revenue of your business:

Packages: You can offer a Mylash treatment alongside other treatments, such as gel polish or a manicure for a discounted package price. This can be for special occasions, such as summer holidays or weddings.

Loyalty cards: Offering clients a discount after a certain number of treatments will ensure they return to your salon, increasing client loyalty and ensuring continued business.

Social media: Advertising treatment offers on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is a great, free way to show off what your salon has to offer. You can also hold competitions and giveaways via social media, an innovative way to increase interactivity and your client base.

Do Mylash offer marketing support?

Mylash offer a variety of posters, leaflets, appointment cards and record cards to ensure you’re able to successfully promote your treatment offering.

How can I add Mylash to my treatment menu?

The Ellisons Academy offer three Mylash courses; Mylash professional, Mylash express and Mylash lift. If you are interested in adding one of these fabulous services to your treatment menu, you are guaranteed to receive the best quality teaching from Ellisons and leave the Academy feeling confident and ready to create a professional lash look for every client. For more information on available Mylash courses, visit the Ellisons Academy webpage. You can also contact the Academy directly on 024 7636 9516 or email any queries to [email protected]

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