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We’re taking a closer look at the two new My Beautiful Eyes retail products, which can make a huge difference to your business.

My Beautiful Eyes offer innovative beauty treatments and products that will enhance your client’s natural beauty. In addition to treatments you can offer in your salon, such as Mylash and Mybrows, My Beautiful Eyes also offer a range of exciting products that can provide a huge retail opportunity for your business; including the new Mylash mascara for lash extensions and My Beautiful Eyes lash and brow conditioner.

We invited Sarah, our beauty buyer to try out these two retail products and she documented her journey along the way.

Lash and Brow conditioner

An excellent retail product to be used inbetween Mylash treatments, this conditioner is recommended as part of any natural lash home care routine, as it nourishes and moisturises lashes, leaving them looking healthy and glossy. For optimal results, the lash and brow conditioner should be used daily and can also be used as a primer before applying mascara.

Speaking about her experience using the lash and brow conditioner, Sarah mentioned that after using the product, her lashes and brows felt softer, smoother and healthier. “Before I started using the My Beautiful Eyes lash and brow conditioner, my lashes felt coarse and unhealthy due to an excessive use of false lash clusters being applied all year round. I started to see a difference after five days, my brows felt softer and smoother, and my lashes were softer, no longer coarse and looked much healthier.”









Before lash conditioner









After lash conditioner

Mylash treatment

After using the lash conditioner, Sarah went for a Mylash treatment. This treatment consists of using high quality individual lashes and a unique flexi glue which provides technicians the flexibility to create a series of bespoke looks. “After 14 days of using the lash and brow conditioner I was really pleased with the results, so I went to have a Mylash extension treatment done so I could have that fuller look. The results were brilliant, it gave me the look I craved and was happy to finally get away from the clusters I was used to having all year long.” stated Sarah.









After Mylash treatment  

Mylash mascara for lash extensions

Sarah then completed her journey by applying the Mylash mascara for lash extensions, which acts as the perfect retail product in conjunction with any Mylash treatment. “The mascara applies lovely and definitely gives that added lift and volume to the extensions without clumping them together. I’m over the moon with the results.” declared Sarah.

Usually, clients who have lash extensions are advised against using mascara or any oily product around the eye area for fear of disrupting the adhesive and prematurely removing the extensions.

However, this water soluble mascara offers the benefits of a mascara but can be removed with warm water alone, so while normal sweat and tears won’t disturb it, several splashes of H2O will cause the product to loosen its grip on lashes, easily rinsing off.









After Mylash mascara application 

The Mylash mascara for lash extensions can also be worn alone, the smudge-prone (eye rubbers and those with oily skin) will love that the product is immune to smearing; sensitive types with easily irritated eyes or fragile lashes will appreciate the formula’s easy-off aspect.

From coarse and unhealthy looking brows and eyes, Sarah has transformed her look in 14 days, leaving her feeling much happier and confident with her beautiful eyes.

MBE014 MBE013







All My Beautiful Eyes products are available to buy now from Ellisons.

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