MineTan: tried and tested

November at Ellisons saw the launch of MineTan, Australia’s number one tanning brand and the world’s first one hour express tan. Every client has their favourite professional tanning brand and getting them to try something new can be difficult; so that you can boast the amazing results this tan provides we’ve tried and tested some of their most popular products.


A gorgeous coconut fragrance, a host of moisturising antioxidants and a beautiful rich tan make this solution an essential addition to your salon offering. The innovative express formula meant that the Coconut solution could be washed off after just one hour ensuring that we could go about our day as normal all whilst sporting a gorgeous glow. For those clients who crave a darker colour, the solution can be left on for longer, the non-sticky, fast-drying formula will mean that there is no transfer so clients can get dressed and head back to the office, meaning you can perform spray tans in the day, not just the evenings. Alongside a deep but natural colour, our skin looked and felt healthy and moisturised, the perfect canvas for a longer lasting tan. We recommend offering to any clients wanting that gorgeous deep glow.


The brown and violet bronzers of this solution work to fake an exotic olive skin tone that your clients will love. We found that the Violet solution was easy to apply and created a streak-free, flawless bronze colour. The unscented solution ensures that the  solution can be used for any occasion no matter how big or small. Advise clients to exfoliate three days after their spray tan for an even fade, this won’t remove colour but will get rid of any unwanted dead skin cells. An ideal addition to your professional offering so that you can provide gorgeous colour to medium to dark skin types.

Dark Ash

Another party season perfect tan, the Dark Ash solution is a must-have addition to your professional tan offering. We found the solution to be fast-drying and non-sticky on our skin ensuring that we could move comfortably after application. Once washed off after 1 hour, a beautiful dark ash bronze colour was revealed. The Dark Ash solution would be perfect for clients attending any occasion from party to wedding. Enhanced with rich lavish oils skin will feel soft and supple whilst rocking a head-turning colour.


For your daring clients, the Absolute solution is a one of a kind tan that will produce a deliciously dark colour that is perfectly eye-catching. A mixture of bases worked to create the ideal glow to ensure we were ready for any festive gathering. Enriched with powerful anti-oxidants, multi-vitamins and natural botanicals the tan will not only provide a picture perfect colour but will also give client’s skin the healthy benefits it needs. Suitable for all skin types your clients can decide the depth of their tan by choosing to wash off between one to three hours. Clients can expect their results to last five to ten days without patchiness making it the ideal addition to your professional offering.

All images: @minetanbodyskin

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