MineTan Bronze Babe Spray Tan Kit: Tried and tested

Having already provided the professional beauty industry with the world’s only one hour tan, it’s hard to see how the MineTan brand could excel themselves anymore. However, they have managed to do just that with the MineTan Bronze Babe spray tan kit, read on to find out how Ellisons got on with this innovative tanning equipment.

Light and Portable

Carrying large items of spray tan equipment round can not only be tiring but can also cause injuries which is why we absolutely loved the MineTan Bronze Babe spray gun as it was so easy and convenient, sure to be a favourite amongst therapists, especially mobile. Alongside its compact size the gun also has an extra-long, detachable, power cord meaning that you can move freely and ensure you provide the ultimate spray tan, one that your clients will keep on repeating.

Easy to use

Alongside a compact size and lightweight structure, the gun also offers ease of use with a one touch control and quick change filter. At Ellisons we were incredibly impressed with the simple functionality of the gun, it meant that we were able to start tanning quickly and efficiently, a big selling point for busy salons. An even bigger plus for this spray tanning equipment is the quick change filters, we were able to change the filters in the machine in absolutely no time, meaning it’s not something you have to dread doing.

Professional  ultra-fine spray mist

There’s nothing worse than a whole load of over-spray when spray tanning, it’s messy, wastes product and can jeopardise a flawless finish. The cleverly designed MineTan gun has a professional airflow which delivers an ultra-fine spray, we noticed that this reduced over-spray and gave the most flawless, all over glow.

It’s safe to say we love the MineTan Bronze Babe Kit and would highly recommend adding this to your professional offering. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter!

Images: @minetanbodyskin / @ahundheim / @beautybyjea / @champagne_tans

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