Meet the models

Introducing the new Ellisons models for 2016.

We are delighted to introduce Rafaelly and Shelby, our two new models for 2016. Discover below how you can recreate their looks for your clients.


Shelby has a beautiful blue marbled effect manicure, which creates a unique look every time.

Step 1

Apply a base coat to your client’s nails. We would recommend Orly bonder 18ml. Around the skin of nails apply moisturiser, this will help remove any residue from the marbled polish.

Step 2

Gently drop nail polish into mixing bowl of water, creating a target board effect. Ensure this is performed quickly to avoid the nail polish from setting.

Step 3

Take an orange stick and manipulate the polish layer, creating the desired marbled effect.

Step 4

Place your client’s nail onto the marbled polish, ensuring the nail is submerged in water.

Step 5

Using a cotton bud and polish remover, clean the excess polish from the skin around the nail.

Step 6

Seal the marbled design with a top coat. We would recommend Mavala retail 5ml, top coat.


Rafaelly has a more subtle manicure, with the addition of Swarvoski elements crystals which add a premium finish. Adding Swarvoski elements crystals to your client’s nails can easily be achieved.

Step 1

Once you have completed painting your client’s nails with either polish or gel, ensure they are completely dry.

Step 2

Using the CND™ Gelbond, apply a small amount to the nail where you plan to place the crystal.

Step 3

Using fine tweezers, carefully place the crystal onto the glue dot and gently press down; allowing the crystal to set for 10 seconds before touching the nail.

Make up

Rafaelly has beautiful high arch brows which frames her face. To create a bolder, more defined looked for your clients, advise them to use the Mybrows retail pallete. The wand will help to achieve the desired shape and the make-up powders will ensure a defined look is achieved.

To safeguard that the look lasts through the day, recommend your clients to use the Mybrows brow fix which will lock the colour and shape into position.

Shelby supports a subtle make up look, with a pop of vibrant pink exaggerated winged eyeliner. Create a look similar to this using the Sleek MakeUP Oh so special I-Divine eye palette.


This year our two models support two very different hairstyles. Shelby has a braid plait style which has become a popular look for Spring Summer 2016.


Rafaelly has gorgeous large volume hair which was achieved using large rollers and set into place using L’Oréal Elnett hairspray.

You can view our 2016 Ellisons Directory here.

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