Meet the models 2017

Meet models Madeline and Synnove, the new faces of Ellisons for 2017. Discover how you can recreate their stylish hair, make-up and nail looks for your clients using popular products from a variety of established, professional brands.



With metallic and chrome nail shades set to remain a popular trend throughout 2017, we decided it was only natural for our Directory model Madeline to show off this statement look. You can recreate Madeline’s gorgeous manicure for your client with Silver Chrome from Vinylux™. Then add sixties-inspired, asymmetrical shapes to the tips of your client’s nails to create a unique edge to this stylish nail look. We recommend using the Star Nails nail art pen in black, a precise, pigmented tool that will allow you to create a perfected manicure. Complete this stylish nail look by using the Vinylux™ weekly topcoat to ensure a long-lasting, professional finish.

Similar to Madeline’s manicure, Synnove’s nail look uses contrasting shades to create a unique finish. Recreate this symmetrical, two-tone manicure for your client using essie shades Clam Bake and Tart Deco. Nail artists used a variety of red and orange polishes to create Synnove’s vivid nail look so why not try incorporating Vinylux™ shades Electric Orange and Lobster Roll into this versatile look to create a unique finish for your client. On our Directory shoot, Synnove’s nail look was created free-hand using a Lecenté detailer brush however, you can also use striping tape from Star Nails for precision.



Madeline channels an on-trend sixties make-up look for the cover of the Ellisons 2017 Directory. Create a similar look for your client using the Sleek MakeUP ink pot eyeliner, a long-lasting, jet black formula that will allow you to create the perfect cat-eye flick. Apply the eyeliner using the deluxe professional eyeliner brush to ensure ultimate precision. To recreate Madeline’s mod eye look, use the silver powder from the Sleek MakeUP i-Divine eye primer palette and a professional eyeliner brush to highlight the lower lash line and form a subtle inward flick. To complete the eyes, use Sleek MakeUP’s full fat lash mascara on your client’s lashes, focusing particularly on defining and thickening the lower lashes for a stylish sixties finish. Complete this look by adding the Sleek MakeUP Angel Falls lipgloss to your client’s lips, a simple finish to compliment the bold eye look.

In contrast to Madeline’s classic sixties look, Synnove’s make-up look uses a variety of vibrant colour and textures to create a fun, youthful finish. Recreate this bright eye look for your client using the Sleek MakeUP i-Divine ultra mattes palette, picking out the orange shade to add colour to eyelids and highlight the lower lash line using the Denman eyeshadow brush. You can then use the Sleek MakeUP lethal length mascara to enhance lashes for added effect. Synnove’s dewy, flushed cheeks can be recreated for your client using the Barekissed illuminator from Sleek MakeUP in shade Cuba. Use your fingertips to gently blend this lightweight illuminator onto the apples of your client’s cheeks to instantly highlight and freshen up their complexion. To finish this colourful look, recreate Synnove’s daring lip for your client using Sleek MakeUP matte me liquid lipstick shades Rioja Red and Fandango Purple. These long-lasting lipsticks provide a stylish matte finish and vibrant colour, ensuring a gorgeous finish to this statement make-up look.



To compliment her sixties make-up and nails, the stylist created a sophisticated beehive hairstyle for Madeline. Find out how this classic hairstyle can be recreated for your client for a look that’s perfect for special occasions.

Step one: Prepare your client’s hair by adding the Stylesign Glamour Whip mousse to towel dried hair then blow drying for ultimate volume. Part and section your client’s hair using the Denman precision pin tail comb. Madeline’s hair is parted into a deep side parting but a simple centre parting is also an option. Separate the front section of hair using a sectioning clip.

Step two: Use the Head Jog R50 back combing comb to gently backcomb the crown to create volumised roots. Once back combed, you can gently brush the hair back into a classic beehive shape, ensuring to smooth any flyaway hairs but making sure the volume remains. Use a Denman styling brush for best results.

Step three: Secure your client’s beehive using the Hair Tools hair pins. Hair Tools provide a variety of shades to ensure you can find grips to suit your client’s hair colour and create a discreet, professional finish. Smooth and incorporate any stray stands from the back of your client’s hair into the beehive using more grips to discreetly secure into place. Use L’Oréal’s Elnett Satin hairspray to secure the beehive and add a gorgeous sheen to the hair.

Step four: Smooth out the remaining front section of your client’s hair using a Denman styling brush and gently sweep to the side before twisting the length of the section round to the back of the beehive. Gently fasten this section of hair to the centre of the beehive, twisting the end of the section and pinning in place for a sophisticated finish.

Step five: Complete this sixties-inspired hairstyle by spraying hair with Elnett Satin hairspray to ensure a long-lasting look for your client.

Synnove’s playful space buns pair perfectly with her vibrant make-up and nails. For a look that’s guaranteed to make your client stand out, find out how to recreate this hairstyle. You can add carefully placed, colourful streaks to your client’s hair beforehand using IGORA Colorworx in shade purple or create this statement look with your client’s natural hair.

Step one: Apply Stylesign’s Sleek Perfection serum into damp hair and blow dry, using the Denman paddle brush to ensure a smooth, frizz-free finish.

Step two: Centre part your client’s hair using the Denman precision pin tail comb and tightly gather hair into two side ponytails, positioning them in line with the arch of your client’s eyebrows. Use the Hair Tools clear elastic bands to discreetly secure the ponytails into place.

Step three: Gently twist each ponytail into a bun and secure into place using Hair Tools grips. Finish this look with a spray of L’Oréal’s Elnett satin hairspray to provide your client with a long-lasting finish.

Which of these stylish hair and beauty looks will you be recreating for your clients? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter. You can view the 2017 Ellisons Directory here.


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