Making the most of social media

Instagram top tips.

Now owned by Facebook, Instagram has become the most popular photo sharing network. Read our top tips on how you can utilise Instagram for your business.

  1. Post original, eye catching content which will generate interest for your business. If you’re a nail technician or hairdresser, take photos before and after treatments and share these with your Instagram fans.
  2. Ensure you’re active on Instagram by following prospecting clients and engaging with their content.
  3. When posting content, increase your potential reach by adding hashtags to your content. This will allow more people to see your work and increase your Instagram engagement.
  4. Similar to Twitter, Instagram runs on continual feed of content. It’s important you find out the key times to post which will allow you gain the most engagement. We would advise posting early in the morning as most people check Instagram first thing.
  5. Instagram filters are a fantastic tool to bring additional colour and life to your photos. Always be sure to use a filter that doesn’t alter the original image too much. You still want your work to look realistic and achievable.

Do you use Instagram to support your business? Let us know how you get on in the comments below.

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