Making the most of social media

Get the most out of Twitter for your business.

Read our five top tips and discover how you can make the most of using Twitter for your business.

    • Ensure you have a clear profile and cover image that reflects your business. We would advise using the profile image to display your logo and the cover image to display a selection of the treatments and services you offer to clients.
    • Twitter will allow you to include a brief introduction to your business. This introduction is limited to 160 characters, so it’s important you keep this short and snappy. We would advise including contact information so your clients can contact you to book appointments etc.
    • When posting tweets, you are restricted to only 140 characters, so similar to the introduction text you need to ensure your tweets are impactful and snappy.
    • At times Twitter can move very fast with constant tweets always appearing in the news feed. To ensure you attract as many people as possible, add visuals to your tweets to grab attention and add more of a story to your tweets.
    • Twitter is a great tool where your clients can engage in conversation with you and ask questions. Always ensure you reply quickly to customers, the last thing you want is to turn away prospecting customers online.

Do you use Twitter for your business? Let us know your username in the comments below and we’ll follow you back.

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