How to create Lecenté™ chrome nails

Discover the Lecenté™ chrome powder collection, a selection of shimmering powders that will allow you to create 2016’s most popular nail trend for your client. For a stunning mirror-finish and unenviable shine, these stylish powders are the perfect addition to any nail and are guaranteed to be a hit with clients.

How to create chrome nails

Appearing on the catwalk, as well as on the hands of numerous celebrities, chrome nails have been high in demand in salons across the world. Find out how you can create this statement nail look for your client using this dazzling collection from Lecenté.

Step one: Prep your client’s nails

Step two: Apply CND™Shellac™ base coat to your client’s nails and cure. Then apply  two layers of your client’s chosen CND™Shellac™ colour to the nails and cure each separately.

Step three: Apply a coat of Lecenté layer it over the cured CND™Shellac™ colour. To apply, shake the bottle and begin by sealing the extension edge of the nail then apply to the surface. Cure for two minutes.

Step four: Using a Lecenté applicator stick, apply a small amount of the Lecenté chrome powder to the nail by rubbing back and forth in circular motions with firm pressure. Once the nail surface is covered, remove any extra particles of powder with a dry, soft brush.

Step five: Apply a CND™Shellac™ top coat of your choice over each nail. Begin by sealing the extension edge of the nail then carefully apply to nail surface. Cure for two minutes.

Step six: Remove the top film using d.sperse on a lint free pad then apply SolarOil™ to complete the look.


Lecenté have developed this stunning powder collection to ensure it works well within your usual CND™Shellac™ service and to allow nail technicians specialising in CND™Shellac™ to easily promote this popular trend within their business. Read the frequently asked questions below to discover more about this exciting new collection.

Is further education required to use the Lecenté chrome powder collection?

Qualified nail professionals can purchase and use the Lecenté chrome powder collection without further education.

What is Lecenté layer it?

Essential to create the chrome powder nail look, Lecenté layer it is a clear adhesive that cures in both the original CND™ lamp and the CND™ LED lamp. The layer works as a base coat for the chrome powders and then seals the powder into place before using top coat.

Can Lecenté layer it be used as a top coat?

No, we recommend using a CND™Shellac™ top coat to complete this treatment to add durability and shine.

Is the application and removal process longer with a Lecenté chrome powder manicure?

You can expect to add 5 minutes to your treatment time and 3-5 minutes to the usual CND™Shellac™ removal time. Due to this, you may wish to increase your cost per service.

How do the Lecenté chrome powders effect the 14+ day wear of CND™Shellac™?

The wear time is not affected as long as the CND™Shellac™ process is followed correctly.

Which tool shall I use to apply the Lecenté chrome powders?

The Lecenté applicator stick is the best tool to use. These applicators are disposable and one should be used per treatment/client.

What are your thoughts on this dazzling nail trend? Let us know in the comments below or you can also send us your Lecenté chrome powder creations on Facebook and Twitter. To view the full collection, click here.

*Image credit: @servethepro

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