Lash repair

Help your clients achieve perfect in lashes in time for Christmas

My Beautiful Eyes lash and brow conditioner is an excellent retail product to be used inbetween Mylash treatments, this conditioner is recommended as part of any natural lash home care routine, as it nourishes and moisturises lashes, leaving them looking healthy and glossy. For optimal results, the lash and brow conditioner should be used daily and can also be used as a primer before applying mascara.

We invited Sarah, our beauty buyer to try out these two retail products and she documented her journey along the way. Speaking about her experience using the lash and brow conditioner, Sarah mentioned that after using the product, her lashes and brows felt softer, smoother and healthier.

“Before I started using the My Beautiful Eyes lash and brow conditioner, my lashes felt coarse and unhealthy due to an excessive use of false lash clusters being applied all year round. I started to see a difference after five days, my brows felt softer and smoother, and my lashes were softer, no longer coarse and looked much healthier.”

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