Introduction to professional make-up

As a make-up enthusiast, I jumped at the chance to go and see what the Ellisons Academy had to offer in terms of make-up courses.

Perfect for beginners and people who are passionate about make-up and are looking to pursue a career in this field, this course teaches everything you need to know, from preparing the skin to enhancing techniques.

An overview

During the course, the tutor taught us how to correctly prepare your clients skin with suitable products and then talked us through how to identify skin types and problem areas, which helped us later in the course. We then learnt about different face shapes and how to use make-up techniques to enhance the client’s best features.

We were taught how to correctly use products and tools to get the desired effect. The students then had the chance the perform make-up applications on one another, giving a chance to put what we had just learnt into practice. I opted for a natural, day time make-up look and loved the final result.

The course was really intimate, with a maximum of 8 people allowed on the course at any one time meaning the tutor was able to spend time with each student individually, answering questions and giving support.


The course is a great way to learn, so i recommend making as many notes as possible and bring a camera/phone to take photos with. You can then refer back to your notes and photos in the future. You could also post your photos on your social media accounts, showing possible clients your work and training.

A great foundation

The Introduction to professional make-up course lays a great foundation for anyone who wants to progress in the industry and also provides the students with a certificate that is widely recognised by the main beauty insurance bodies when they have completed the course.

Even after watching hundreds of make-up tutorials on YouTube, this course has prepared me for the world of make-up more than anything. I gained confidence, knowledge and can now deliver flawless make-up application.


If you want to learn more about the courses Ellisons has to offer, ring the Academy on 02476 369 516 or contact us via our social media pages.




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