Introducing the Wella INVIGO range

Whether your client is a blonde in need of a colour refresh or a red head in need of a volume boost, the new Wella INVIGO care collection by Wella has got everything you need. Read on to find out what this exciting new range has to offer.



Control the oxidation process after colouring your client’s hair to protect and allow them to enjoy their beautiful, fresh colour until their next appointment with the INVIGO Colour Brilliance products. The INVIGO Color Brilliance products are enriched with copper encapsulating molecules which work to maintain the vibrancy and leave hair looking and feeling its very best. Choose from a luscious treatment mask or day to day shampoo, perfect for your professional and retail offering.


It’s not often a client will think about their scalp needs however with the INVIGO Balance range, they’re all taken care of. Infused with caring and refreshing ingredients this range will not only restore hairs health but also ensure it has a vibrant and bouncy appearance to it. Introduce the balance refresh shampoo to your retail offering and allow clients to continue their hair care in the comfort of their own homes.


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For hair care that’s enriched with vitamins, minerals and peptides add the INVIGO Nutri-enrich products to your basket today. Designed to protect your client’s hair from day to day stresses whilst also providing essential nourishment and moisture, this range is everything you need for both your professional and retail offering. Including the ultimate nutrient rich shampoo and a warm express mask for clients on the go, they’ll be something for each and every client.



For those clients who want volume without weighing hair down or compromising the manageability and shine, introduce them to the INVIGO volume boost collection. Working to surround hair fibres and provide a beautiful bounce when blow-drying this amazing collection will give clients enviable hair that they will love showing off. A whole host of benefits ensure you won’t regret adding this range to your basket.


Don’t forget about your brunette and red hair clients and add the INVIGO colour recharge range to your professional and retail offering today. Enriched with colour pigments the range will ensure ultimate vibrancy and bounce, leaving clients with envious locks.


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Give blonde hair a recharge with the INVIGO blonde recharge collection, rich with colour pigments to restore natural or coloured blonde hair. The innovative range will maintain blonde hairs brightness and vibrancy, ensuring clients are happy from appointment to appointment. Alongside a beautiful bright blonde, the products will also care for and nourish hair to ensure it not only looks great but feels it too.

With a huge range of products and beautiful packaging, we are loving the new range from Wella! Which products have you tried? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or join the conversation over on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages!

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