Introducing the St.Tropez express face sheet mask

Tanning experts St.Tropez are famed for their revolutionary product range and their ability to provide a product to suit every client’s needs and desires. As the UK’s leading tanning brand, it’s no surprise that St.Tropez have now introduced an industry first to their extensive product range. The self tan express face sheet mask is the latest addition to the St.Tropez family and, as well as providing a gorgeous, natural glow, this mask is set to enhance the ease and efficiency of sometimes difficult facial tanning. As with the other products within St.Tropez’s express range, this mask also provides depth of tan options, allowing clients to achieve a sun-kissed glow to a deeper bronze. As the first tanning face mask to market, this revolutionary product is a great addition to any salon’s retail offering and is sure to be a hit with clients. Discover our first impressions below.


Clients may not be able to contain their excitement when first opening this innovative new offering from St.Tropez however, we advise opening with care due to the thinness of the mask. It is very damp and can be quite fiddly to open so ensure clients take care when unwrapping to avoid tearing or ripping. Once unwrapped, clients should place the mask onto their skin, ensuring it covers the full area of the face. We recommend using gloves when applying the mask as this will help avoid any staining of the hands. We also advise that the mask is applied as fast as possible to ensure even development.

Wearing the mask

Encourage clients to take the opportunity to sit back and relax during their facial tanning as this will makes sure the mask stays in place and will help produce an even finish. For a light, sun-kissed glow, the mask should be worn for five minutes. For a natural, medium tan, the mask should be left on for 10 minutes and those hoping to achieve a deep bronze should wear for 15 minutes.

Removing the mask

The mask is very quick to remove and can be easily peeled off and disposed of. We were left with excess tanning serum on the face which we rubbed into the hairline, under the eyes and into the neck and decolletage area to ensure even coverage. This ensured an even finished tan.


Upon removal, we found that the skin was left with a dewy glow and felt very hydrated, healthy and soft. With the self tan developing for up to eight hours after removal of the mask, clients will begin to notice tanning results within this period and will be left with their desired depth of tan.


With face mask sales steadily soaring year by year, it’s no surprise that St.Tropez have decided to meet popular demand and incorporate this trend into their tanning range. This innovative sheet mask not only enhances the ease of facial tanning but also caters to all clients due to the express range’s revolutionary depth of tan options. We found the mask provided an even, streak-free tan, as well as brightening and hydrating the skin. For those looking for a quick facial tanning fix with high-quality results, the self tan express face sheet mask is a great option. We believe this mask is best for experienced self tanners but also think it could appeal to those new to tanning – although, we’d recommend wearing for the minimum five minute wear time. As this versatile product offers a spectrum of finishes, it is the perfect addition to your retail offering and will appeal to a variety of clients.

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