Introducing the new Lecente glitters

With party season well on its way it’s the perfect excuse to add a touch of glamour to your client’s festive manicure with the dazzling new collection from Lecenté™. Mixable with liquid and powder, gels and polishes you can achieve a million original creations. With their amazing colour lock technology nails are guaranteed to make a statement. Read on to find out more about the shades in this unique collection, a must-have addition to your professional nail art supplies.

Take inspiration from these gorgeous designs created with Lecenté’s multi-glitz and chunky glitters.


Be fiery with Sunset, a stunning chunky glitter that reacts to the light and alters from pink to yellow gorgeously. Featuring a new cut for a different glittering effect, your clients will be dazzled. Pair Sunset over CND™ Shellac Married to Mauve for a stunning look.

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Enhance any manicure with this beautiful Lecenté peacock-inspired glitter with complimentary purple and turquoise undertones to your collection. Perfect for the winter season, this multi-tonal glitter alters from light blue to dark blue in the light spectacularly.


Transport your clients to a land of mermaids with Pisces. With glitter that changes from dark blue to dark green in the light, their nails will look majestic. In Lecenté’s brand new chunky cut, this glitter helps create a 3D effect on the nails transforming your manicures. Perfect for night-time shimmer or glamorous everyday wear, Pisces is sure to turn heads.

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Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily is the embodiment of autumn, a striking chunky glitter that changes from stunning orange to leafy green in the light. Offer the only colour your clients will want to wear this chilly time of year. Contrasted on a matte black shade, Tiger Lily is the perfect addition to a simple manicure.

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Golden White

This icy blue nail art glitter is guaranteed to look extra gorgeous on the nails from Lecenté’s winter collection. With beautifully eye-catching silver glitter your clients are guaranteed to be impressed. Partner Golden White with CND™ Shellac™ Cream Puff and create this beautiful take on a French manicure.

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Add striking, glistening colour to your client’s nails with Garnet, a majestic dark purple multi-glitter that will transform any manicure. Why not add an exciting twist to the firm favourite Christmas berry shade and add a glitter layering?


For instant glamour, use Lecenté’s stunning multi-glitz glitter in Sand, a classic, light toned gold with dark gold undertones. Vamp up your client’s manicure with this stunning nail glitter. The perfect party colour, Sand is definitely worth stocking up on.


Create a memorable manicure with the glittering Sapphire, a rich blue glitter colour with a mix of silver and turquoise specks. This firework of a polish is guaranteed to give your clients star of the show nails with its bold blend of tones and multi glitz glitter formulation. A match made in heaven over CND™ Shellac Blue Eyeshadow, a must for every nail art collection.

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Check out the whole collection here and let us know which one you are most excited to try out.

Which of these gorgeous Lecenté nail looks will you be recreating this season? Let us know your favourite in the comments below. You can also join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

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