Introducing the BeautyPro Black Diamond face mask

With face masks fast becoming the most popular skincare product of the moment, there’s no surprise that BeautyPro are keen to extend their range. Their latest offering is the innovative Black Diamond peel-off mask, a dual-function product that promises to clear oily, spot prone skin, loosen black heads and brighten the complexion. With main ingredients including activated charcoal and a host of anti-ageing agents, the Black Diamond mask is an exciting new product that’s guaranteed to entice clients, as well as enhance your facial services. Since trying out the product ourselves, here’s why we believe the Black Diamond peel-off mask is a great addition to your salon.


This gel-like consistency of the Black Diamond face mask ensures easy, even application, allowing your client to effectively cover their face to ensure they’re able to target every area easily. The mask dries quickly and will begin to tighten soon after contact with the skin so we recommend applying this mask as fast as possible for best results. Clients can use their fingertips to apply the mask or, for mess-free application, a spatula can also be used.

Wearing the mask

As the mask dries almost instantly, clients will be able to carry on with day to day activities during use although, due to the mask’s stress-relieving properties, they may wish to lie back and relax. Soon after application, clients will feel the mask tighten and the soothing ingredients will continue to cool the face, making this mask ideal for relaxation.

Removing the mask

Once worn for 20 minutes, clients can remove the mask. After the full wear time, the mask does begin to feel very tight on the face but not too uncomfortable to bear. To remove, we recommend gently peeling from the jawline, aiming to remove the mask in one slow motion. Depending on how thinly the mask was applied, some clients may experience some pulling, a similar feeling to the pulling of a pore strip.


Upon removal, we found that the skin was left brightened and smooth, with a matte, oil-free complexion. Due to the pulling when removing the mask, it did feel as if the pores were being unclogged and, once removed, it was clear to see that the pores were a lot smaller and tighter. The skin also felt a lot plumper and areas, such as the under eyes, felt brighter and awakened. In order for clients to make the most of benefits such as anti-ageing and spot reduction, we recommend continual use of the mask however, the instant benefits are perfect for client’s hoping to revive skin for a last minute occasion or event.


This impressive mask is yet another great addition to BeautyPro’s face mask range. With a host of gradual skincare benefits, as well as instant results, we believe this mask would make the perfect addition to any salon’s retail offering. We recommend retailing this product to clients with oily, spot prone skin, as well as clients who perhaps find sheet masks difficult to use. It is also a great addition to facial services and, with three sachets per pack, it is great value for money.

Will you be adding the Black Diamond face mask to your retail offering? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter. You can shop the full BeautyPro face mask range here.

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