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With sheet mask sales rising at a rapid rate, the new Skin Republic mask range is sure to be a worthwhile addition to your supplies. This extensive collection offers a variety of benefits for a selection of different skin types, allowing you to cater to every client’s needs. Alongside face masks, this fabulous range also offers hand and foot masks, as well as under eye patches and a mask that works to tone, firm and refresh the neck and décolletage area. Here at Ellisons, we’ve tried and tested a selection of masks from the range to provide you with an idea of how these effective products work and how they can benefit your client’s skin, as well as your retail profit.

Skin Republic brightening vitamin C mask

Great for those suffering from a dull, uneven skin tone, the brightening vitamin C mask from Skin Republic reinforces a clear, radiant complexion and will eliminate dark spots with regular use. The mask itself is very damp so we recommend taking care when removing from the packaging to avoid tearing. Any excess serum can be massaged into the face and neck to ensure your client makes the most of the benefits of this effective formula. The scent is pleasant but gentle and, although the mask is very cold when placed on the face, it does soothe the skin. When removing the mask, we noticed an instant radiance to the skin and the eye area in particular felt refreshed. These results remained the next day and the skin felt hydrated and smooth, even without any moisturising. Alongside the brightening mask are the brightening eye masks. Alongside brightening and hydrating properties, these masks work specifically to reduce the appearance of dark circles and are comfortable to wear, despite the lengthy wear time of 30 minutes.

Skin Republic spots and blemish mask

Complete with tea tree and witch hazel, this effective mask is ideal for those with spot prone skin. Once again, the spots and blemish mask is very wet so should be unwrapped carefully to avoid tearing. Once unwrapped, we found that this mask was easy to apply and fitted onto the face with ease. The tea tree scent was obvious but not overwhelming and this gradually faded during wear. As the mask is soaked in a lot of serum, is doesn’t dry out during use, ensuring comfort throughout. It also sticks to the face well and doesn’t slide off, allowing you to relax. Any excess serum can be massaged into the face and neck for maximum effect. We found that, once the mask had been removed, the skin appeared even and any redness had reduced. We also found that any oiliness and shininess had reduced and this was the same the next day.

Hyaluronic acid and collagen mask

Ideal for those with dehydrated skin, this mask will add essential moisture to the skin and provide a healthy glow, whilst eliminating dark circles and uneven patches. Again, this mask is very damp so should be unwrapped and placed on the face with care. It is cool on the skin which creates a soothing sensation and, as with the previous masks, it is easy to apply and stays on the face well. The attractive scent and calming feel against the skin ensured a relaxing experience and, as soon as the mask was removed, the skin looked brighter and felt a lot smoother. The next morning, the effects were still visible and the skin felt really hydrated and awake. Perfect for those suffering from dry, undernourished skin, this mask will add essential vitamin E and collagen to the skin to add moisture as well as a youthful appearance.

Bubble purifying and charcoal mask

This unique mask provides an enjoyable experience as well as amazing benefits for the skin. Infused with activated charcoal, this mask bubbles and foams when placed onto the skin to provide the face with a deep cleanse. Again, this mask is easy to apply but will require the client to lie still during use as it can be quite messy. For those with oily, spot prone skin, this mask will revive and effectively cleanse the skin, eliminating excess dirt and oil and providing anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. We advise removing the mask with care as, by the end of wear time, there will be a lot of foam on the mask. Once removed, the skin is instantly clearer and provided with a smooth, matte finish. This mask is great to use prior to using another sheet mask as it cleanses the skin and prepares it for treatment.

Gold hydrogel mask

For those eager to achieve toned, youthful skin, the gold hydrogel mask is a great choice. This anti-ageing mask is packaged in two, separate parts, ensuring easy application. Made with gold ions, as well as sea water and rooibos, this mask offers a cleansing experience and the coolness of the serum soothes and tones the skin. The mask is very damp so should be applied carefully but we advise that any excess serum is rubbed into the skin for maximum effect. Although this mask offers some excellent benefits, those with sensitive skin may experience some discomfort due to the long wear time of 30-40 minutes. In that case, we recommend removing the mask sooner to avoid irritation. With consistent use, the mask may minimise fine lines and wrinkles, but instant benefits include a smoother, brightened complexion and soft, smooth skin.

Have you tried any of the Skin Republic face mask range? Let us know your favourite in the comments below or join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter. You can shop the full Skin Republic range here.

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