Introducing Sienna X

Discover the luxurious, professional waxing range from Sienna X, a selection of premium products and equipment that are sure to enhance your waxing service. With exceptional formulations that have been developed by therapists for therapists, this range will allow you to offer the highest standard of service, ensuring a smooth, soft skin finish every time.

Sienna X waxes are designed to allow waxologists to offer an economic yet effective waxing service and, with the highest-grade raw materials and ingredients, their waxes are guaranteed to provide exceptional results. Sienna X waxes feature low melting temperatures and allow thin application to provide more comfortable hair removal. These professional formulations are also non-sticky and won’t leave any post-waxing residue. Available in crème, honey and gelee formulations, there’s a wax to suit every client and every therapist’s needs.

Alongside their exceptional wax range, Sienna X also offer a host of pre and post waxing products, from the gentle pre-cleansing gel to the soothing cooling crème. It is essential that the skin is prepped prior to waxing to ensure smooth, effective hair removal. The pre-cleansing gel will sanitise the area, allowing you to maintain excellent levels of hygiene, while the pre and post soothing oil creates a fine barrier between skin and the wax, ensuring a comfortable waxing experience. This oil can also be used to calm the skin after treatment or Sienna X’s cooling crème is also a great option.

The brand also offer a selection of spatulas and wax strips, as well as a range of high-quality wax heaters. Whether you are a mobile therapist or a waxologist working within a larger salon, you will find a Sienna X heater to suit your needs.

Although famed for their tanning solutions, Sienna X’s waxing range is fast becoming the talking point of the brand, with fabulous formulations and high-quality equipment enhancing the quality of professional waxing services.

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