Introducing ORLY® EPIX®

Discover the innovative ORLY® EPIX® nail polish collection, a selection of 36 bold shades that offer revolutionary manicure results. With a long-lasting, quick-drying formulation, these polishes provide week-long wear and also ensure a luxurious, high-shine finish.

These ‘Flexible Color’ polishes offer gel-like results without the lengthy cure and removal times. With nails drying in just eight minutes, nail professionals can provide fast, efficient nail services to their clients whilst also ensuring high-quality results. ORLY EPIX also ensures quick removal, without the need to soak. These innovative polishes can be removed 85% faster than average gel polishes, meaning nail technicians can say goodbye to time consuming removal services.

Alongside a vibrant, varied colour selection, this revolutionary range also features ORLY’s unique Smudge-Fixing technology, a shock absorbing system that allows the formula to remain elastic, ensuring resistance to smudges and chips.

It is essential that ORLY EPIX polishes are paired with the ORLY EPIX flexible sealcoat, a high-quality top coat that provides a beautifully glossy finish as well as essential protection for the nail. The perfect finish to your client’s manicure, this sealcoat ensures week-long wear. For extended wear, clients can reapply the sealcoat three days after their manicure and enjoy further durability.

From stunning, cream-finish polishes to beautiful shimmers and glitters, the extensive ORLY EPIX range offers a variety of shades and finishes to suit every client and occasion. Whether your client is hoping to update their nail look for a summer holiday or special event or looking for a colour to suit their everyday lifestyle, this collection is sure to deliver.

This collection can be added to your professional nail polish offering or retailed to clients to allow them to create statement nail looks at home and on the go. The ORLY EPIX duo packs are also a great addition to retail offerings, providing clients with a polish and a flexible sealcoat to enable them to achieve nail perfection.

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