Introducing Mylash volume

My Beautiful Eyes (MBE) is the master brand for a range of innovative beauty treatments focusing on the eye area. MBE recently underwent an exciting brand relaunch and with that came a new excising lash treatment: Mylash volume. This is certainly a treatment you don’t want to miss out on offering.

What is Mylash volume?

Mylash volume is ideal for clients hoping to achieve a full volume lash look. Synthetic, pre-made 3D fans are placed onto individual natural lashes to create volume with a fuller, fluffier result. There are a range of lengths and curls available to create an individual lash for each and every client. Give your clients the lashes they have always dreamed of with the Mylash volume treatment.

Discover the individual lashes which are available in C and D curls, 8mm – 13mm.

C curl: Discover the C curl lashes to achieve the curliest effect for your clients. These are specifically designed to visually lift the client’s eyes to give them an ‘open’ look which can be used to create both natural and dramatic looks. The most common curl which mostly resembles your client’s natural lashes.

D curl: Is dramatic and visible, has the most lift and is the most defining. It will be the most visible from the front and is often the most popular choice. Be sure to stock up with the D curl to meet your client’s demands.

Handy tip: Matching up your client’s lash extension to the curl of their natural lashes can help the lashes last longer as the extension will adhere to more of the natural lash this way.

Why not invest in the Mylash volume starter kit to kick start you off? The Mylash volume lash kit contains all you need to get you started and gurantee you are lash-ready for your clients. You’ll instantly notice that the lashes are extremely light and soft, this is to ensure ultimate comfort and to imitate your client’s natural lashes for a seamless effect. They are also available in a range of lengths and curls to allow a bespoke look to be designed for each client, these too are included the kit.

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