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Being able to offer sustainable products to an ever-growing, environmentally conscious client-base is a challenge many beauty professionals face. Thanks to the exciting EcoStardust glitter range, you can now offer guilt-free nail and cosmetic treatments to your clients, safe in the knowledge that these products won’t have a negative impact on our planet. Read on to find out more about this innovative, biodegradable glitter range and why we believe it’s an essential addition to your beauty and nail supplies.

Since launching in 2017, EcoStardust have spread their glittery wings, appearing at numerous UK festivals and on the faces of eco-conscious consumers. Their catchy slogan #GlitterWithoutTheLitter says it all – your clients can still sparkle without causing harm to the environment. Whether you’re an eco-conscious business or a professional hoping to cater to a more conscious client-base, the EcoStardust range is guaranteed to enhance your current nail and cosmetic offering.

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The brand said: “We love glitter; we cover ourselves in it and throw it around like confetti at parties and festivals.

“However, once we realised we were covering ourselves and the world in little bits of plastic, it took the sparkle out for us and we started our mission to find an alternative, biodegradable glitter, which is how EcoStardust came about!”

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The glitters, which are available in a host of gorgeous colours, finishes and styles, are all biodegradable, meaning they are capable of being decomposed naturally. This means that using the glitters will not contribute to pollution. They’re also cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, allowing you to tackle a host of client concerns.

EcoStardust glitters are safe to use on the face and body, allowing you to create a variety of fun make-up looks for your clients.

They’re also the perfect addition to your nail supplies and can used within acrylic and gel powders and on top of polishes and gel polishes.

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The brand’s mission is to spread awareness of environment issues with their eco-glitter so, if you’re an environmentally conscious business eager to give back to the planet, EcoStardust is the perfect brand for you.

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