Introducing Blonderful from Revlon Professional

Enhance your hair colour service with Revlon Professional’s latest innovation. Blonderful™ is the brand’s first range of lightening products and, with PLEXFORCE™ technology, this advanced collection of products is the ideal option for optimal neutralisation in lightening services without the need for additives. Discover Blonderful today and find out why this range is a must-have for any professional hair colourist.

The struggle to create effective lightening colour results without causing excessive hair damage is one that every professional colourist knows too well. Thanks to powerful PLEXFORCE™ technology, Blonderful’s product range helps maintain the hair’s structural bonds, allowing you to provide gorgeous colour results with minimum damage. PLEXFORCE™ combines maleic acid and a specific conditioner that penetrates the hair fibre and helps protect the hair’s structural bonds to help retain its original characteristics.

With no additives, Blonderful reduces the hair breakage that is usually common during lightening services and leaves hair looking healthy and full of life in just three, easy steps.

Step one – Lightening powder

Available in level 7 and level 8, the Blonderful lightening powders help protect and preserve the hair’s structural bond. Level 8 is ideal for darker bases but both powders offer optimal neutralisation and are ammonia free. Mix with Revlon Professional creme peroxide oxiders for best results. The recommended mix ratio is 1:2, depending on technique.

Step two – Blonderful™ bond defencer

Revlon Professional always consider the health of the hair when creating new products and, thanks to the Blonderful™ bond defencer, hair can be nourished and protected straight after lightening, ensuring a healthy, beautiful hair finish. With acid pH, this dual salon service treatment seals the hair cuticle for stronger, resilient strands. PLEXFORCE™ technology also helps protect the hair’s structural bonds and, when used with Revlon’s Post Color shampoo, the bond defencer also creates a protective layer that helps porous hair return to its natural state.

This product should be applied to towel dried hair after rinsing off the lightening mixture. It can also be used as a pre-lightening treatment to help improve the condition of damaged hair and provide better lightening results.

Step three – Blonderful™ bond maintainer

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Alongside a comprehensive professional range, Blonderful™ also offers a quality retail product that will allow clients to maintain their colour results at home. The bond maintainer also features PLEXFORCE™ and will prolong colour vibrancy, whilst also maintaining healthy, soft hair.

Advise clients to apply to damp hair prior to shampooing. Leave in for five minutes and then rinse thoroughly for best results.

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