Introducing ARDELL

Enhance your professional and retail offering with the world’s best-selling lash brand ARDELL. This luxurious brand offers an extensive selection of individual and strip lashes, allowing you to provide every client with a bespoke look to suit them. From a natural, subtle finish to a dramatic, glamorised look, ARDELL allows you to create a lash look to suit every occasion.

The individual lash range from ARDELL is the closest thing to natural lashes, offering comfortable, weightless wear for up to six weeks. Lashes are permanently curled and are waterproof to ensure ultimate durability. Great for filling in sparse areas of the lash line or adding extra volume, ARDELL’S individual lash range is sure to enhance your professional eyelash extension service. Available in single, double and trio styles and in a variety of lengths, you are guaranteed to create a look that your client will love. Individual lashes can be applied using the ARDELL lashtite adhesive, a gentle yet effective adhesive that will ensure long-lasting wear.

Alongside the brand’s selection of individual lashes is their fabulous strip lash range, a variety of high-quality lashes that provide long-lasting wear and multiple finishes. As well as offering natural finish strip lashes that are ideal for casual, every day wear, ARDELL offer a wide selection of glamorous strip lashes, from the double up lash range that offers a thick, glamourous finish to the mega volume range, a great choice for those hoping to add a lift to lashes.

However, lashes aren’t ARDELL’S only offering. The established brand also offer a variety of brow products, allowing clients to sculpt, fill and set their eyebrows with ease. The ARDELL brow pomade is a great addition to your retail offering, providing a powder, a pencil and a gel all in one unique product. Available in three different shades, this versatile product is suitable for a variety of clients and is sure to become a make-up bag essential.

Enhance your salon supplies today with ARDELL. Not only does this brand offer the highest standard of quality but the extensive product range will enable every professional to cater to their varied client base, whilst expanding their retail offering.

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