Humidity proof hair

To help keep the bad hair days to a limit, here are some must have products you should invest in to ensure your clients look fabulous regardless of the five day forecast.

With summer coming to an end, the occasional muggy day is on the horizon, which brings the threat of some bad hair days due to the increased humidity, either causing hair to frizz up or fall flat. To help keep bad hair days to a minimum, we’ve listed some must have products you need to stock up on to keep your clients hair looking immaculate.

Tecni-Art anti frizz spray

L’Oreal’s Tecni Art anti frizz spray will help maintain your client’s mane during the humid summer month, as it has a 24 hour anti-humidity formula, along with anti-frizz protection.

Truzone hair serum

Another product which can help control unwanted frizz is Truzone’s hair serum, which also adds intense shine and protects from the sun.

Macadamia leave in cream

Macadamia leave-in cream is a nourishing and texturizing conditioner that is ideal for taming difficult to manage hair brought on by humid weather.

Amargan hair therapy oil

A great treatment and even better retail opportunity, Amargan hair therapy oil has everything you need to battle humid hair. It helps eliminate frizz, softens unmanageable hair, protects against UV damage and so much more.

Flatter heat protector spray

This thermal protector spray from Clynol has an extreme level of humidity resistance which keeps your client’s hair looking silky smooth and super shiny regardless of intense humidity levels

Macadamia control hairspray

Using Macadamia control hairspray, which is humidity resistant, gives all day hold and provides invisible, touchable hold with no residue will help control the most unpredictable manes.

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