How your client can prolong their summer tan

Every tan lover knows that there’s nothing worse than their summer holiday tan fading before they’ve even stepped off the plane.  Find out which must-have products we recommend to help your clients prolong their glow for as long as possible.

Apply a daily gradual tan

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Adding a gradual tan into a daily post-holiday routine can help your client add a subtle top up to their already glowing skin. Introduce the St.Tropez pre-shower mousse to your retail offering and clients can see changes within as little as 1 minute. With incredibly easy application and the ability to leave it on for longer to create a desired colour, the product will ensure a smooth transition from holiday tan to faux glow.

Daily moisturising is key

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Everyone knows that the key to good skin and a pro-longed tan is moisturiser and Sienna X have got you covered. The Sienna X radiance body balm will work to moisturise and nourish your client’s skin and with gold flecks in the cream it will further enhance that holiday shimmer. Ideal for use in both the morning and evening to leave skin with a luminescent sheen, this product will make the perfect addition to your retail offering.

Enhance with an additional dose of colour

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Once the inevitable starts to happen and your clients tan is fading fast, introduce the Sienna X 1 hour range, choose from a mist, lotion or mousse! This amazing range allows your clients to develop the perfect golden tan in as little as 1 hour.

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For a product with an ultra-lightweight formula, tropical fragrance and moisturising properties introduce clients to the St.Tropez purity bronzing water mousse. Alongside a mini pampering session, the mousse will give clients St.Tropez most natural tan yet.

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