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As one of the beauty world’s biggest trends, contouring has made its way into many client’s make-up routines. Thanks to the extensive host of bronzers and contour products now available, clients can sculpt and define their facial features with ease, but what about their bodies? Recent months have seen the arrival of the tantouring trend, a great way to achieve a toned, defined body without even setting foot inside a gym. From lifted buttocks to a chiseled chest, tantouring will help highlight your client’s features, as well as boost their body confidence. Find out how you can hone in on the tantouring trend and how it can be incorporated into your spray tanning service.

Step one

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Begin by performing a full body spray tan. We love St.Tropez’s bronzing mist range, with a variety of different mists on offer to suit every client’s tanning needs and wants.

Step two

Once the mist has been applied, you should spray specific areas of your client’s body to create the illusion of definition. This will help enhance the natural shape and contours of the body and will allow you to sculpt and define areas your client wishes to draw attention to. Discover the most popular areas to sculpt below:

Clavicle: Shade above and below the collarbone to add definition, a trick that works great alongside off the shoulder tops and dresses.

Chest: For female clients, you can shade between the breasts to give the illusion of a fuller bust and also beneath the breasts to provide a subtle lift. Male clients may wish to appear more toned on their chest area. This can be achieved by shading around the pectoral muscle.

Stomach: For prominent abs without a sit up in sight, you should lightly shade above and below the abdominal muscles to make them appear more defined. This is a popular technique for those jetting off on holiday and is sure to allow your client to step onto the beach with confidence. You can also shade down each side of the waist to shrink the size of the mid-riff and provide a defined waist shape.

Legs: Upper legs can be sculpted by spraying to the outer and inner leg. You can also shape the lower leg by lightly shading the calf muscle and down the side of the shin to provide the illusion of muscle on the leg.

Buttocks: For an instant bum lift, you can shade beneath each buttock. This area can also be defined by spraying semi-circles to the side of the buttocks and shading between and above the cheeks will create the illusion of muscle definition.

Step three

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As with any tan, your client’s tantouring will begin to fade with wear. Retail the St.Tropez 3-in-1 powder bronzer to your client to enable them to top up their tantouring and add definition to areas they wish to continue to show off. Clients can also accentuate features such as legs, shins and collar bones with the St.Tropez instant tan gloss, a lightweight product that delivers a gorgeous, luminous glow.

Will you be incorporating tantouring into your spray tanning service? Let us know your thoughts on this innovative technique in the comments below or join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter. You can shop the full St.Tropez range here.

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