How to spray tan mature skin

As we head into party season, the demand for spray-tanning treatments is likely to surge, with clients eager to look their best for occasions and events. With a selection of tanning solutions and products available, it’s easy for professionals to cater their spray tanning service to each client’s desired look however, it’s essential that you take extra care when tanning mature skin to ensure a natural, flawless finish. Read our top tips on how you can create a gorgeous glow for older clients and ensure every customer is able to enjoy a sunless tan this season.

Exfoliation is a must

As the skin ages, it can become a lot dryer so it is essential that your client exfoliates prior to their spray tan appointment. Recommend that your client uses a tanning exfoliator in the weeks leading up to their spray tan to ensure any dead skin is removed. This will allow the tan to be applied evenly. Using the Crazy Angel halo polish body scrub prior to treatment will refine and polish the skin to create the perfect base for tanning.

Choose a hydrating tanning solution

Mature skin will often lack moisture, so choose a hydrating tanning mist to ensure you can provide the skin with essential moisture as well as a beautiful tan. The extra moisture will also enhance the longevity of your client’s tan, whilst also promoting an even, streak-free fade. The luxurious St.Tropez luxe oil bronzing mist is the perfect choice for mature skin as it features Brazil nut for ultimate hydration.

Don’t over-spray on the face

Avoid over-spraying your client’s face as excess solution is likely to sink into fine lines and wrinkles, creating an uneven finish. We recommend using a spray tanning system that allows you to adjust the spray pattern, ensuring you’re able to use a finer spray on delicate areas such as the face. The rapid spray system from St.Tropez delivers an ultra-fine mist, ensuring an even, flawless tan every time.

Promote aftercare products

It’s important for every client to take certain aftercare steps to maintain their glow however, it is even more important for older clients to take on an aftercare regime post-tanning to ensure they can enjoy their tan for as long as possible. Retail a specially-designed tanning moisturiser to your client after their treatment so they are able to prolong their tan, as well as ensure an even fade. The St.Tropez tan enhancing body moisturiser promises to extend the wear of your client’s tan for up to three days, whilst also adding hydration to the skin, a must for mature clients. The supreme goddess moisturiser from Crazy Angel is also a great choice, leaving the skin smooth and soft and also prolonging colour.

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