How to revive damaged hair

Banishing dry, damaged strands can seem like a never-ending venture for hair professionals, with many clients putting their hair through constant stress. From heated styling tools to harsh chemicals and products, there are a number of reasons why your clients may be suffering from damaged hair. With a host of vibrant hair colour options now available, as well as a variety of treatments aimed at changing the texture of hair, such as perming and relaxing, maintaining strong hair can seem like a challenge. To ensure you’re able to provide every client with a healthy, nourished hair finish at every appointment, we’ve picked five, effective hair care products that are sure to enhance your treatment offering, as well as the quality of your client’s strands. From luxurious treatments to hair care essentials, you’re sure to find a worthy addition to your salon within our product selection.

Uniq One leave in hair treatment

This revolutionary all in one hair treatment from Uniq One offers 10 amazing benefits, from split end prevention to heat protection. As well as offering repair for dry and damaged hair types, this fabulous, easy to use spray also adds body and hold to hair, allowing you to create the perfect style whilst also adding essential nourishment to strands. Spritz a few pumps of this innovative leave in treatment into the palm of your hand and run through your client’s towel-tried hair prior to blow drying. Not only does it smell incredible but it will enhance softness and shine, whilst eliminating frizz and creating an overall smooth, healthy hair appearance. With consistent use, clients are sure to see a drastic improvement in the quality of their hair. A must-have for your professional and retail offering.

Serie Expert absolut repair masque

Nourish and repair your client’s damaged hair with the Serie Expert absolut repair masque, a luxurious treatment enriched with lipids, ceramides, lactic acid and phyto-keratin. This high-quality masque can be easily incorporated into your wash and blow dry service to ensure every client leaves your salon with soft, shiny hair. With regular use, this masque will enhance the strength of strands whilst also improving the manageability.

OSMO thermal defense

Every hair professional knows the importance of a quality heat protection spray. OSMO’s thermal defense is the perfect addition to your supplies, protecting the hair during the use of heated tools such as hairdryers, straighteners and tongs. As well as offering protection against UV damage, this spray nourishes the hair and locks in moisture to prevent dryness. It also helps to eliminate flyaways and frizz, ensuring a beautiful hair finish each time. This heat protection spray is extremely cost effective, allowing you to stock up on this hair care essential.

Wella Enrich moisturising shampoo and conditioner

The classic wash and blow dry is one of the hair industry’s most popular services so it is essential that hair professionals invest in good quality shampoos and conditioners, especially for those with dry, damaged hair. Wella’s moisturising enrich shampoo and conditioner are the perfect choice for neglected strands as they protect and repair the hair, whilst adding hydration to ensure a revitalised finish.

Cricket detangling brush

The tools you choose to use within your hair service are just as important as the products. To ensure limited damage during brushing and styling, opt for Cricket’s detangling brush, a high-quality tool that is perfect for untangling unruly strands, as well as massaging the scalp. Suitable for use on both dry and wet strands, the Cricket detangling brush features soft, flexible bristles that refuse to tear the hair. This will prevent hair breakage and split ends and help maintain the quality of your client’s hair. As well as static-free properties, this brush is also air cushioned to ensure comfortable, pain-free brushing. Available in a variety of vibrant colours, this brush will suit your salon décor as well as enhance your service.

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