How to revamp your professional nail service

The ever-growing nail industry is expected to be worth a whopping 11 billion pounds by 2024, making it one of the most lucrative businesses to be part of. With the demand for nail art on the rise and manicure services more popular than ever, it can be easy to take your full appointment book for granted. However, it’s important that you keep your nail treatments exciting to ensure your clients keep coming back for more. Here are our top tips on how you can easily revamp your nail service to make sure your nail salon profits continue to rise.

Give your salon décor some TLC

New clients are guaranteed to become regular customers if they’re made to feel welcome and comfortable during their nail appointment. Make sure you invest in some quality seating to ensure they’re comfortable during their nail treatment. Set the scene with your décor and make sure your space reflects the ethos of your salon. If you prefer a more relaxed, spa-like atmosphere, use candles and dimmed lighting to reflect this. For salons specialising in nail art and trend-led nail services, add some sass to your décor with wall art, photos and fun ornaments and trinkets.

To chat or not to chat?

Offer conversation to your clients but test the waters first – some clients like to use their nail appointment as time to reflect and relax and may not want to engage too much. However, more social clients may want to talk so feel free to discuss your weekend shenanigans to your heart’s content!

Add something extra

Whether it’s a hand massage or the offer of a cup of tea while you spend your time painstakingly perfecting their nail art request, going the extra mile is sure to put a smile on your client’s face. The BeautyPro Hand Therapy masks are a great addition to a nail service. With tear off fingertips, this nourishing mask can be used while you work on your client’s nails, meaning treatment time won’t be affected. Find out more about how these masks can benefit your nail service here.

Take pride in your retail offering

We can’t stress the importance of retailing enough. From cuticle oils and hand creams to miniature polishes, make sure you’ve got a product on standby to resolve any client query.

“How can I keep my nails looking healthy for longer?
Recommend a cuticle oil to make sure your clients nail look is kept looking fresh.

“I’m so clumsy – I hope I don’t chip my nails!”
Retail the miniature version of your client’s new nail colour so they can top up if needed.

Retailing is a great opportunity for you to make some extra profit at the end of your service. Whether it’s a product you’ve used within their treatment or something that will help enhance or prolong their manicure, make sure your retail offering is always stocked up.

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