How to keep clients loyal in 2018

With the beauty business booming it has never been more important to keep your clients loyal. We’ve rounded up some top tips to help make sure your clients keep coming back for more.

Welcoming salon

As much as client retention is down to your salon staff and the amazing services you provide, having a welcoming reception area and eye-catching décor is a must. Whether it’s a bright and colourful reception desk or a luxury beauty couch, creating an area that clients can relax and feel at home in is essential. Another way to ensure your salon remains an attractive hang out for clients is to replace furniture with something shiny and new once it starts to look worn.

Added extras – appointment cards, consultations

Creating the ultimate salon experience with added extras such as appointment cards and consultations is a sure way to keep those clients loyal. Not only will a nicely presented appointment card, such as this colourful rainbow design, help to remind a client to return each time but it will also ensure they feel valued and prevent them reaching out to a competitors services. Consultations are another perfect way to build a relationship with clients and provide them with the most worthwhile and top quality treatment. By ensuring that only the best and useful treatments are performed clients will respect you and are therefore more likely to return.

Reward loyalty

This one should be a no-brainer but often salons forget to reward their loyal clients, often resulting in them shopping around for other salons and services. Add these stylish loyalty cards to your offering and when a client comes to you for a number of treatments reward them with a free one, or why not try money off a retail product? There are so many easy ways you can reward your client’s loyalty and it is guaranteed to make your salon their go-to.

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