How to prevent post-waxing ingrown hairs

Waxing services are on the rise, with experts predicting the hair removal industry as a whole to be worth over two billion pounds by 2019. With some clients booking in to remove their body hair as often as every week, it’s likely that they’ll come across a pesky ingrown hair at some point. However, there are number of ways to prevent ingrown hairs, with technique and lack of aftercare being some of the main causes. Read on to find out how you can offer an effective yet comfortable hair removal service and how you can ensure clients don’t frequently suffer with ingrown hairs.

Regular exfoliation is a must

Prior to your client’s hair removal appointment, recommend that they exfoliate their skin 2-3 times a week to rid it of any dead or dry layers. An ingrown hair occurs when the hair follicle becomes clogged with dead skin cells so regular exfoliation will help prevent build up, as well as enhancing the softness of skin.

Always remove hair in the direction of growth

As a professional, you’ll know the importance of removing hairs in the direction that they grow. Waxing or shaving hair against the natural direction of growth causes the hair to be cut at a sharper angle, making it more likely to grow back under the skin and cause an ingrown hair. Always remember to remove hair in the correct direction to avoid this.

Stock up on post and pre care products

Ingrown hairs are, sadly, a common occurrence so the beauty market is stocked with a variety of lotions, gels and sprays to help prevent them. When performing hair removal services, make sure you prep the skin with a suitable product to ensure the best possible results. The Sienna X pre-cleansing gel will rid the skin of impurities prior to hair removal and with tea tree and witch hazel, it will soothe the skin to ensure a comfortable hair removal experience. Use the Phd Safewax post-wax lotion on your client’s skin after their waxing service to soothe and calm the skin. It also features antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients, which are known to limit the chance of ingrown hairs.

It’s also a good idea to retail a product your client can use at home after their service. Ingrow Go lotion from Skin Doctors features purifying qualities that will soothe skin and reduce redness, whilst also targeting ingrown hairs. GiGi no bump topical solution is also renowned for eliminating the chance of ingrown hairs, whilst also reducing bumps and redness after hair removal.

What aftercare advice do you give to your clients after they salon visit? Let us know your top tips in the comments below or join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

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