How to: Mylash Lift

With the ever growing demand for lash lift, we thought here at Ellisons we’d give you an insight into the amazing difference a My Beautiful Eyes lash lift can make to your clients eyes. We went back to Jo at Beauty Treats to show you what all the fuss is about.

Whilst eye lash extensions can look amazing, they aren’t for everyone, a My Beautiful Eyes lash lift works to enhance and define your natural lashes without falsies, making it the perfect solution.

To start the treatment it is essential you remove any of your client’s eye makeup to ensure no irritability and so you have a fresh canvas to work on. Applying the under eye patches will allow you to prevent any product from entering the eye meaning you can focus on providing the ultimate service for your client.


It’s important to be thorough on the next step, the application of the shield, as this can be the make or break of the treatment. First of all speak to your client about their desired outcome, for a subtle lift opt for a large sized shield and for a dramatic effect go for the small shield.  Next, take extreme caution when sticking the client’s lashes on to the shield, it’s important to try and get this neat and prevent any lashes from crossing as the completed look could be in jeopardy!

On to the main part of the treatment, it’s important to remember the correct order in which the solutions need to be applied and for what length of time. There are three different solutions and a tint involved in the process, don’t worry though each are a different colour to help you along the way. The final solution, the nourishing solution, will help to gently release the lashes from the shield so you are ready to remove the under eye patches and reveal the results.

As you can see from the picture, the lash lift gives an instant pop to the eyes and is perfect all year round for any occasion. Designed to last for up to 6 weeks your client’s lashes will be the talk of the town. Mascara can be worn to enhance the voluminous lashes however it is not necessary as they look just as good without (revolutionary!). We’re all for saving time in the mornings.

Enjoyed what you’ve seen? Enrol in our My Beautiful Eyes lash lift course by following the link to our Academy page.

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