How to market male beauty treatments

The male grooming industry has experienced rapid growth over the last few years. In 2015, a huge 25% of salon customers were men, with male waxing and tanning becoming increasingly popular. Find out how you can cater your treatments to a male audience below and how you can successfully advertise to this ever-growing demographic.

Cater your existing treatments to a male audience

Offering male treatments needn’t mean embarking on further training. If you already offer services such as tanning and waxing within your salon, you can easily cater these to a male audience. Rather than standard leg and bikini waxing that you’d usually offer to female clients, add areas such as back and chest to your treatment menu to attract male clients. In regards to tanning, statistics show that almost one third of men aged 16-24 have experimented with a self-tanning product, suggesting that it’s not just women seeking a sun-kissed glow. Include male tanning treatments within your menu to ensure you cater to every client’s tanning needs. Many men steer clear of tanning products due to the tell-tale self tan scent. St.Tropez’s classic bronzing mist features Aromaguard™ Fragrance Technology to eliminate any self tan scent, a great way to appeal to a male audience.

Make sure you advertise in the right places

A social media post advertising your male treatments is sure to attract some custom but, if your following and current client base is mainly female, you may need to consider other platforms. Ask local gyms and leisure centres if you can place leaflets advertising your male-friendly services in their reception areas or on their notice boards. You’ll find that the men who tend to use these facilities are more likely to want to look after their bodies, meaning they’ll be more likely to book in for a beauty treatment.

Although social media is a great way to advertise your offering, never underestimate the power of word of mouth. Tell all of your female clients about your new male services and you can guarantee they’ll filter back this information to their partners, brothers and friends.

Separate your treatment areas

For many men, a fortnightly trip to the salon for a spray tan top-up is part of their regime, however, some female customers may not be used to male clients being present during their salon service. During a beauty treatment is a time where many of us feel our most vulnerable. We often book a service to make us feel better about ourselves, whether that’s removing unwanted hair, refreshing grown out roots or adding a glow to our skin, so the presence of a male client may make some customers feel a little uneasy. Make sure intimate treatments, such as waxing and spray tanning, are performed in a private room, ensuring both male and female clients can maintain their privacy from one another. If you don’t already offer treatment gowns, you may wish to invest in some as this will ensure clients feel comfortable venturing into communal areas pre or post treatment. Shop our client wear supplies today to ensure you can offer ultimate privacy and comfort to every client.

When introducing male treatments into your salon menu, make sure you make your client base aware of the upcoming change. This will eliminate any confusion or discomfort should they bump into a male client during their visit.

Do you offer male treatments within your salon or business? Let us know your experience in the comments below. You can also join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.


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