How to manage your time during the busy festive season

Your appointment book is sure to be full during the festive season, with many therapists working out of hours to meet the needs of their clients. Find out how you can successfully manage your time during the busy Christmas period with our top tips.

Order your supplies in good time

During party season, every client wants to look their best. From spray tanning and leg waxing to glamourous nail looks and hair styling, your appointment book will be bursting with requests from regular and new clients, all eager to impress during the festive period. To ensure you’re able to cater to every client’s needs, make sure you place your supply orders in good time. Many suppliers close during the Christmas period so make sure are aware of your wholesaler Christmas order and delivery dates to avoid disappointment. It may also be worth placing a bulk order for January to ensure you have a stress-free start to 2018.

Flexibility is key

It’s important that you don’t over work yourself over the festive period however, within the hair and beauty industry, flexibility is key. Christmas time is hectic for everyone and you’ll find many clients may have extra work commitments or events they simply can’t miss. Why not extend the opening hours of your salon an evening or two per week during December to cater to those client’s that find it hard to fit in their Christmas appointments? This will ensure you retain business and your kindness is sure to impress clients.

Offer express treatments to save time

Express treatments are perfect for busy salons, allowing therapists to provide fast yet high-quality results. Express lash services are ideal for the festive season, with many lasting up to two weeks. Mylash express is a great way to enhance your treatment menu and will benefit your business long after Christmas as it is often a popular choice with busy clients who can’t dedicate the time to lengthy lash appointments. This service can be performed in under an hour and can produce everything from a natural lash look to a full, voluminous finish.

St.Tropez’s express tanning solution is also a great idea for the festive season. Most of the time, client’s don’t have the time to wait eight hours for their tan to develop. With St.Tropez express, clients can achieve a sun-kissed glow after one hour, a golden tan after two hours and a deep bronze after just three hours.

Keep clients up to date

Use social media to keep your clients up to date during the festive season. Whether you’ve had a cancellation or you are altering your opening hours, keeping clients in the loop will help avoid disappointment and may also enable you to gain new custom when you’ve been let down by a missed appointment.

Keeping clients informed also means you’re unlikely to over or double book, ensuring you’re able to manage your time and your client’s expectations.

How do you manage your time during the busy festive period? Let us know your top tips in the comments below or join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

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