How to make the most of your business during the festive season

There’s no better time to boost the revenue of your business than the festive period. Discover our top tips to ensure you’re able to make the most of the Christmas rush and enhance your business’ potential.


Every salon knows the importance of retailing, specifically during the Christmas period when clients will be on the lookout for potential gifts for loved ones. Many brands will offer a selection of festive gift packs and products designed especially for Christmas time. St.Tropez offer a range of elegant crackers that will add sparkle to your salon, while Orly’s polish gift sets are a great decorative piece and can also be retailed as stocking fillers. Ensure to shop our Christmas retail lines before the festive period is over and provide your clients with a variety of treats that will make the perfect gift this Christmas.


One of the best parts of Christmas time is putting up the tree and decorating your living space so why not incorporate this into your salon? Ensuring your salon looks inviting during the festive period will not only look amazing but will enable you to entice clients to your Christmas retail items and offers. Use our selection of Christmas retail products to create the perfect retail display that is guaranteed to catch the eye of your clients or passer-by’s. Why not decorate your tree with Mavala’s nail polish baubles and give your festivity some purpose.

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With an endless shopping list and so many festive temptations, it’s hard not to splurge during the Christmas period. Due to this, clients are likely to be eager to save every penny possible during the festive season and will be on the lookout for offers and deals. By introducing a selection of festive offers to your business, you’ll not only be helping your client but you may entice new customers or encourage clients to spend in the New Year. Future discount vouchers are a great way to entice clients back to your salon in January when your footfall may be slower than usual. Send a complimentary discount voucher to loyal clients during the festive season as this will make them feel valued but will also ensure your sales don’t dip at the beginning of the New Year. You could also offer a discount for new customers and ensure to ask if they’d like to book in for infills or their next treatment at the end of their appointment to secure future sales.

Treatment packages are also a great idea during the festive season. Clients will be heading out to Christmas parties and events during December and are likely to want to look their best. Offer treatment packages at a discounted price to enable clients to achieve a perfected look while your salon will benefit from the additional business. If you’re a mobile therapist, party packages are a great way to increase your revenue and can be done in the comfort of your client’s home, which is often very appealing during the busier Christmas period. Party packages are also very social, perfect for this time of year.


Social media

The importance of a thriving social media presence is often overlooked but can be a valuable tool for your business. During Christmas time, your salon could host competitions and giveaways via Facebook or Twitter. This will engage with current clients and may also attract new customers if your posts are shared often enough. For example, you could enter every client who gets a spray tan throughout December into a prize draw to win a selection of festive treats. Advertising offers and competitions like this via social media is free and is likely to reach further than just your client base, enhancing the potential for new clients. You could also ask client’s to share and like a post you would like to boost. In turn, they could have a chance to win a prize or free treatment. Offering prizes in turn for advertisement is a great way to enhance your business while keeping your clients happy and engaged.

Social media is also the perfect platform to post your work and achievements. If you’ve created an amazing Christmas manicure, post it on Instagram. If your salon has won a prestigious award, share this on Facebook. Almost everyone uses social media now so promoting your business via these platforms will not only increase your revenue but will characterise your business as modern and help establish a positive reputation.

How does your business ensure success during the busy Christmas period?Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter. You can shop our full Christmas retail range here.

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