How to make the most of summer holiday season

With many clients jetting off on holiday during the summer season, it’s essential that salons prepare to cater to their hair and beauty needs. However, you should also make the most of this busy period and consider offers and promotions that will help aid your business as well as your client. Read our advice below and discover how you can benefit from the busy summer holiday season.

Offer holiday packages

Packages allow you to offer a variety of treatments to your client for one price. Creating a bespoke holiday package is a great way to attract custom during the holiday season. From spray tanning to gel polish services, make sure you choose summer appropriate treatments to be included in your package to ensure they appeal to clients. As many clients will want to feel and look their very best for an upcoming holiday, packages are sure to appeal.

Provide discounts on holiday treatments

Treatments such as waxing, manicure and pedicures and spray tans are always a hit during holiday season. Why not offer these treatments at a discounted price during this period to ensure clients can get holiday ready for less. Although this may seem as if you’re giving away your services for less, you are likely to attract more custom as even those not going on holiday may wish to take advantage. You could offer your discount on a day when your salon is usually quiet in order to boost business and retract from days that are usually very busy.

Retail holiday essentials

Retailing is a great tactic that can be used all year around however, it works particularly well during summer holiday season. From vibrant nail polishes to retail sized tanning products, updating your retail offering for the summer season is sure to enhance your salon’s profit. Make sure you place your retail offering in a clear, accessible place and ensure it is attractively merchandised to encourage sales.

Stage a summer event

Salon events are the perfect way to showcase what your business has to offer. Host a summer themed taster event and offer clients mini treatments, as well as refreshments, to encourage them to book a service with you. Salon events are a great way to advertise your business and can also help you network and gain new clients.

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