How to make the most of a small salon space

With rent and property prices rising, it’s not always possible to choose the biggest space for your hair or beauty business. However, with a selection of versatile, multi-purpose furniture, it’s easy to effectively utilise the space you do have to ensure you can provide the best salon service possible. Read on to find out our top tips on how you can make the most of a small workspace.

Clever furniture choices

Whether you’re a mobile therapist or a professional working within a huge salon environment, furniture is an essential aspect of every hair or beauty business. When working in a confined space, it’s important to choose furniture that serves a multitude of purposes, ensuring you can make the most of limited space. Couches with built in storage are the perfect choice for smaller salons and workspace. The Eden Beauty Bed from Salon Ambience is a great example of how a couch can serve two purposes. With high-quality cushioning and extensive storage, this treatment bed ensures comfort for every client whilst also allowing therapists to store their treatment supplies and tools within the bed, ideal for those with little space.

For nail technicians working within a small workspace, the Salon Ambience Wallie mobile manicure unit is a must. This unit features a sturdy, pull-out work top and also includes two spacious drawers beneath the seat.

Use mirrors to create space

Mirrors are a great way to make your salon feel more spacious. As well as being an essential tool within many hair and beauty treatments, adding a mirror to your salon will give the illusion of space and ensure your salon doesn’t feel too claustrophobic. The horizon mirror from Salon Ambience is sure to add sophistication to your space. Complete with LED backlighting, this simplistic mirror will add style to any salon whilst also creating essential space for smaller workspaces.

Invest in portable furniture

Not just for mobile therapists, portable furniture is ideal for smaller salons too as it enables therapists to pack it away when it is not in use. The Esthetix portable couch is easy to assemble and dismantle, meaning if you are not planning on using it that day, it can be stored away to make room for other treatment furniture and essentials. Portable trolleys are also a great addition to smaller salons. Often, beauty and hairdressing trolleys will offer a number of storage compartments and drawers, meaning therapists can use them to store supplies for a number of treatments to minimise the need for unnecessary furniture. Rolling castors also ensure they can be easily moved from station to station.

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