How to maintain ultimate hygiene within your salon

Every beauty or hair professional knows the importance of hygiene within their business.It is an essential aspect of every treatment and service offered within your salon and ensuring the utmost cleanliness will not only improve your client’s experience, but ensure they are safe from germs, bacteria and infection. It will also enhance the reputation of your business and ensure clients continue to use your services. Discover a range of effective hygiene supplies here at Ellisons and ensure you perform your treatments in a clean, professional environment.

Barbicide concentrate

As the industry leader in disinfection for salons, this professional concentrate enables simple and economical hygiene and has been used within the hair and beauty industry since 1947. Simply dilute 60ml of Barbicide concentrate with one litre of water to make a medical-strength disinfectant solution that’s guaranteed to rid your salon of any germs and bacteria, including HIV-1, Hepatitis B and C and Herpes. Barbicide also offers a comprehensive range of sprays, wipes and equipment to allow you to provide ultimate cleanliness with ease.

Anti-bacterial hand gel

An essential for both client and therapist, anti-bacterial hand gels will ensure your hands are clean prior to and post treatment, but can also be used by your client as the perfect finish to a manicure or nail service. We stock an extensive range of anti-bacterial hand gels from brands such as Sterex, Vines, Mundo and Nail Lux, ensuring you can optimise the hygiene within your salon.

Disinfectant wipes

Wipes are a quick, easy way to clean surfaces and equipment. With easy disposal, wipes avoid germs lingering around your salon environment as they would when using a cloth or sponge. Mundo’s multi-surface disinfectant wipes are a practical and affordable addition to any salon and will allow you to effectively disinfect a variety of surfaces such as PVC, vinyl and other alcohol sensitive finishes. These aldehyde and phenol free wipes are an essential for any busy professional environment and will enhance the ease of your hygiene routine.

Multi-surface cleaning sprays

Hygiene sprays are a great option for salon environments. While they are easy to use, they are also cost-effective and will provide excellent results. The Ship Shape surface cleaner leaves surfaces streak free and is safe for use on all appliances including straightening irons. It is also perfect for use on glass, mirrors, salon stations and chairs. The Studex hard surface disinfectant spray is also great for salon work spaces. This hypochlorous based product ensures a clean, germ free surface and prevents infections, ensuring every client is safe during their treatment experience. Use these effective products with disposable couch roll or cloths to ensure ultimate hygiene and avoid germs lingering within your cleaning tools and equipment.

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