How to look after your hair between appointments

It’s important to educate your clients regarding hair health and how they can best take care of their hair between appointments. Allow your clients to take the salon home with them with your expert advice and tips, whilst upselling your retailing products all-in-one. Give your clients that professional finish in the comfort of their own home. Freshly done hair always boosts confidence after a hair appointment, so help make that feeling last longer. If your clients follow these helpful tips they’ll be covered until their next salon appointment. A good hair day is a recipe for a good day.

Many of your clients will come to your salon and will require a root touch-up, highlights or even a whole new look. Hair colour can begin to fade and so can shine if maintenance isn’t kept on top of and continually worked at. Your client will want to maintain their fresh hair colour as long as possible and there are ways to help this continue. Investing in the right products that are most suitable for their hair type is essential.

How to maintain colour: when deciding on the best hair colour for a client the important factor is the maintenance level they’re comfortable dealing with. Potentially offer blonde highlights as they are more manageable and less damaging on the hair to a client that wants a full head of bleach.

Use sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner – by using sulphates your client’s risk stripping their hair of its natural oils and moisture which will mean their gorgeous colour will fade quicker. Try BC Hyaluronic moisture shampoo as a favourable option.

Utilising the right products can help your clients protect their hair, maintain the colour and conceal the roots when they begin to grow out. All of which contribute to keeping hair looking salon-fresh and newly treated. The more time and care your client puts in will be reflected in their locks.

Buy a deep conditioner and encourage your clients to intensely treat their hair so that is continually nourished and moisturised for healthier looking and feeling hair.

Keeping hair feeling lightweight is important- be mindful not to weigh the hair down with too many products as hair loses its lift and can look limp and lifeless pretty quickly. Not the salon fresh look your clients are aiming to recreate. Refer to your retail supplies for the best recommendations of products for your clients to purchase and religiously use. Be cautious of harmful ingredients – offer your clients shampoo and conditioning products that are kind to hair, such as the OSMO deep moisturising shampoo.


Ensure you inform your clients about the importance of investing in a heat protectant. With the day to day heat we apply to our hair, from the use of hair dryers, straighteners and curling tongs it can begin to take its toll. It’s important to remind your client of the very important step they need to incorporate into their haircare routine and that is a heat protect spray.

Use leave-in treatments to protect hair colour when styling. This is required as treated hair needs extra hydration and protection as hair can become weak as the bonds are broken down during colour treatments.

Be sure to advise against over washing. They should fight the temptation as this will strip their hair of its natural oils. Use dry shampoo if their hair is needing a little TLC and extra bounce. They will also lose some of the hair dye every time they wash.

It may be true that blondes have more fun but that can sometimes come at a price of needing more maintenance. For your blonde clients advise them to use a silver shampoo to banish brassy tones and create a fresh, colour that will remain between appointments. For example, why not recommend the Serie Expert silver shampoo and retail that gorgeous golden shine, and banish unwanted yellow locks. Be sure to retail toning shampoos to your blonde clients so they can keep up their looks and keep their hair colour looking natural.

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