A how to: festival hair looks

With festival season around the corner it’s time to start planning the seasonal hair looks you intend on offering to your clients.

Hair glitter and jewels are always a go-to choice for the festival-goers. It’s time for your client’s to be experimental and do their hair in a way they may not typically wear it. Basically you can have fun with festival hair and try out many different looks. The more glittery the better. Depending on your client’s preferences you can be as creative as you’d like. It’s a chance to let their personality shine through with their hairstyles and how they choose to express themselves.


Go all out and keep it colourful with Color Fresh Create. The hair colourant that offers you full intermixability, beautiful pastelization and bespoke colouring results with true-to-tone fading during each wash. Create unique hair colours bespoke to your client’s specific taste

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If you don’t want all over colour why not opt for a colour spray and just do your tips for a fun pop of colour. Festival season is the perfect time to be adventurous when it comes to hair styles. We are absolutely loving this multi-coloured braid look, the pop of colour is sure to get people talking.

Space buns/braids

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Gone are the days when braids were simply a practical way of keeping sweaty festival hair at bay. Now, braids are the most stylish look to show off, with many adding embellishments and hair piercings to their plaits to create an edgy, urban vibe. We love this simple braided hair look as, not only is it practical, but it’s on trend. To ensure your client can enjoy this look all festival long, retail the Silhouette super hold pump spray, a hairspray that provides support as well as natural shine. As it is non-aerosol, it will also be accepted into festivals, ensuring clients can avoid last minute styling drama.

Glitter bunches

Enhance the texture of your client’s hair with the Innova salt spray. It provides grip to the hair and produces a gorgeous matte result. This is perfect for clients who would like a natural finish to their hair as well as making the hair easily mouldable. Effortlessly allowing you to create any look your client desires.

These ‘baby spice’ inspired bunches are proving to be a popular festival up-do for their cuteness and easy maintenance. The added glitter party in the back screams festival vibes.

Create perfect natural curls for your client with the BaByliss PRO spectrum flat barrel wand. With 25 temperature settings, this versatile wand is suitable for use across all hair types. The ceramic barrel coating smooths hair and will leave your client with a sleek, professional finish.

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