How to enhance your retail offering

During quiet periods in your salon you may struggle boosting your retail sales but there are several ways you can help improve this.

Firstly, it is more effective to position your retail stands at your salon reception, this is what you client first sees as they walk in so it’s important it is displayed nicely. Your clients are more likely to buy products they can see when they are paying at the till. Increased visibility is associated with impulse purchases and these account for a significant chunk of consumer spending behaviour.

It is easy for you to upsell your retail items following a professional service in your salon or spa. This is so your clients can maintain their treatment at home or as after care. For example you could offer a reconstructive treatment to clients who have just had their hair coloured.

Another top tip is to surround products with complementary products e.g. a client buying a shampoo in a range may opt for the paired conditioner, especially if they are placed together on the shelf. There are many ways you can enhance the success of your retail offering it’s just about finding out what works best for you.

Salon merchandising is both attractive and useful as it draws your clients in. It is extremely useful to have accompanying collateral especially for specific brand collections. They also highlight your new stock to your clients.

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The more attractive your stands are the better the impact on your sales, there is definitely a positive correlation between the two. If you think about it visual merchandising is everywhere, when you go into a clothes store you are usually drawn to the outfit on the mannequin… Why? Because it is well put together and shows off the stores offering in an attractive way which entices you to those particular clothes. Use this approach and adopt it to your stock and understand your client’s thought processes when purchasing.

Provide excellent customer service to keep your client’s coming back and turn first time buyers into regular buyers simply by offering them a service they don’t receive elsewhere.

Make it easy for the client to find what they’re looking for. Ensure you maintain your salon’s brand throughout your salon or spa and this includes your retail offerings, ensure you are providing products your client’s can trust. Recommendations are one of the most effective marketing strategies so ensure you and your staff have sound knowledge of your products to help secure a sale.

Keep your shelves tidy and the products arranged in an aesthetically pleasing manner i.e. by range or product type. For example all tanning products should be grouped together for ease, if your client was after a St. Tropez bronzing mousse it makes sense that the alternative Sienna X tinted mousse is also available.

Some of our favourite nail products to retail are the ORLY® polishes, they are always a popular choice with their spectacular colour range. For clients who want to give their nails a short break from gels but still want some colour then the ORLY® Breathable range is the answer. These are highly desirable retail products.  When it comes to hair the brand new Hair therapy mask by BeautyPro is the perfect treatment to retail after a hair service. Be sure to cover all bases with your offerings so customers can find everything they need in one place.

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