How to enhance your manicure service with BeautyPro

A nail industry staple, the manicure is a service we all know and love. Whether it’s for a special occasion or a fortnightly must-have, it’s clear that clients are a fan of the classic manicure however, that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. Introducing the BeautyPro hand therapy collagen glove, the perfect way to revamp your nail service.

As well as featuring a variety of nourishing ingredients, the BeautyPro collagen gloves are super easy to use, ideal for busy nail techs looking to improve the quality and value of their service.

We caught up with Tammy Koslowski, the owner of NAF! salon in Glasgow, to discuss her thoughts on the product and to find out how her team utilise it within their service.

“It adds innovation to a treatment your client is used to.”

Although a popular service, clients pretty much know what to expect when booking in for a manicure. Incorporating the hand therapy glove is a great way to spice up a day to day service.

“We’ve found that adding the gloves into our manicure treatments has really worked for our regular clients who knew what to expect during their treatment,” said Tammy. “Incorporating the masks adds innovation to the treatment and gives clients something extra which they love.”

“They include great ingredients, including collagen.”

With hydrating and anti-ageing properties, the hand therapy gloves provide the hands with essential nourishment, ensuring soft, smooth skin results. They also feature marine collagen, an essential ingredient that will reduce fine lines and wrinkles and encourage a youthful skin appearance.

“My clients go crazy for anything that features collagen!” said Tammy, “The gloves leave their hands super soft and smooth.”

“It’s a great way to mark up sales.”

As well as benefitting your clients, adding the gloves to your service will also benefit your profit, allowing you to mark up the treatment price.

Tammy said: “We’ve been able to increase the cost of a manicure or nail service by incorporating the gloves into the treatment. It’s a really easy way to increase revenue while also offering your client something extra.”

“The gloves can be used as part of gel and polish treatments, not just manicures!”

Thanks to the tear off fingertips, the collagen gloves can also be easily used during gel and polish services. Simply tear off the fingertips for access to the nails.

“They’re ideal for both professional use and retailing.”

“The masks have been really successful when added into a service – we’ve had some clients wanting to use the mask every appointment!

“However, the masks can also be retailed to clients and are perfect for those who perhaps can’t afford a manicure service all the time but still want to create a luxurious treatment experience at home.”

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Images courtesy of NAF! Salon

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