How to: Crazy Color

This year, rainbow and pastel hair is bang on trend. Find out how you can give your client the look, without the commitment this summer with Crazy Color. There are a variety of easily mixable, semi-permanent colours available, all aiming to achieve the most vibrant results.

All of the shades are 100% Vegan and cruelty free which is a great selling point your client’s may be interested to know.

We tried out the Crazy Color pastel spray in Marshmallow, which is a pale pastel pink colour. The spray comes in a 250ml bottle, which is more than enough for a whole head of hair, however, we decided to try a subtle look and focused on the ends of the hair. This is also the perfect size for retail.

We tested the product on dry, light blonde hair but the spray can also be used on towel dried hair. We recommend only using the spray on bleached or blonde hair as the sprays aren’t hugely pigmented.

Before you do anything you need to call your clients in 24 hours before to do a patch and strand test beforehand to be safe the product will be suitable for them.

Get the look

Step 1

Firstly, be sure to cover your client’s clothes and anything you don’t want the colour to get on and put on a pair of gloves so the product doesn’t stain your hands.

Step 2

Shake the spray and do a test spray on a piece of coach roll (or something similar) to check the pressure and how far away you need to hold the bottle. We would recommend holding it approximately 5 inches from the hair for a light, subtle spray. You can always build up the product later to enhance the colour.

Step 3

Next, brush the hair through before applying the product and speak to your client about the preferred look they would like to achieve. This will give you a good indication of where to spray the product and the volume they are after.

Step 4

Section off the hair and start spraying the colour where your client wants- this could be all over or in specific sections depending on the desired outcome.

Step 5

When you are finished and you are happy with the results, be sure to blow dry the hair, this will lock in the colour.

Step 6

Wash out when ready. We found the colour did wash out after 1 wash, however this may be different on other hair types.

Overall, we really liked the product, it is a fun way to switch up your style without damaging the hair or leaving any long lasting results. Ideal for the festival season when your client wants to mix up their look and try something new without the commitment.

Check out the entire Crazy Color range here.

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