How to contend with a competitor salon

A new salon opening around the corner can be an intimidating prospect but a little bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone, right? Competition can be the perfect push for businesses, forcing them to re-evaluate their current offering and strive for better. Whether a shiny new salon is opening its doors in your area or an existing business has upped their game, we’ve got some top tips that will help you make your salon stand out from the crowd.

Identify your USPs

Do your research and find out what the competitor business will be offering. Then think about what makes your business different from theirs – what are your unique selling points? It’s likely that you’ll have a quality that makes you stand out from your competitor. Maybe your offer a popular brand or service that’s not on their treatment menu or perhaps you have a particular qualification or skill, enhancing your credibility. Whatever they are, identify your USPs and ensure these are clearly communicated to your clients via advertising and your service.

Update your treatment menu

As a business, it’s important that you’re constantly growing and developing, keeping your loyal clients engaged and also allowing you to attract new custom. Training is a must and you should aim to add to your treatment menu as often as is manageable for you. Whether you add a completely new service or expand on your existing treatments, innovation is sure to draw attention. Don’t just copy your competitor and offer exactly what they’re offering – by the time you’ve completed their training, they may have already attracted local custom, making it harder for you to introduce this service successfully. Instead, do some research and ask your customers what else they’d like to see. They’re likely to be your first clients for your new service if they were instrumental in it being added to your menu.

Up your advertising game

It’s no secret that advertising and marketing are key when running a successful business. If you don’t already, make sure you run active social media pages and regularly post examples of your work, price updates and appointment availability. It’s also important that your business information, such as opening times and contact details, are up to date on Google. Incorrect information could deter people from booking or cause confusion, making potential clients go elsewhere – first impressions are everything, after all.

Although digital is definitely where it’s at nowadays, there’s nothing wrong with using traditional advertising methods such as flyers, business cards and good old word of mouth. Build a positive relationship with other local businesses and they’re likely to allow you to leave some literature in their reception area – if you’re really nice, they may even recommend your business to their customers.

Self-belief is key

It’s easy to panic as soon as a competitor sets up camp on your turf however it’s essential that you stay calm and consider all of the positives your business has to offer. Make sure this positivity rubs off on your staff and concentrate on providing top quality service and setting a fun, relaxed atmosphere for your clients. This will show the confidence you have in your business and is sure to encourage customers to return again and again.

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