How to: chrome flake nails

We all love a chrome nail and, as a nail professional, you’ll have created this popular look countless times for your clients. From mermaid tones to holographic shades, there are a number of chrome colours and finishes to choose from, including chrome flakes.

This easy to create nail look is ideal for festival season or for clients who enjoy showing off a vibrant nail look day to day. We caught up with Jenna at Headcase hairdressers in Coventry to find out how she creates this on trend look. Read on to find out how you can recreate this look for your clients.

Step one

Prepare your client’s nails. If your client has existing polish, gel or acrylic, remove this as you usually would. If your client would like extensions, use tips or acrylic forms to add length. Alternatively, this look can be created on the natural nail.

Step two

File and shape the nails. Carefully remove any unsightly cuticles with a cuticle nipper.

Step three

Next, apply a gel base coat to the nail – we love the CND™Shellac™ base coat to ensure gel colour is anchored to the nail. Once cured, apply a black gel colour to the nail. Black Pool from CND™Shellac™ is a great choice. Once again, cure as required.

Step four

Using a padded applicator stick, such as these precision applicators from Lecenté, gently pat the chrome flakes onto the nail.

Jenna advises that the chrome flakes are applied shortly after the gel polish is cured to ensure that the flakes can anchor to the nail’s sticky layer. You can apply as minimally as you wish, creating a more subtle look

The Gellux multi chrome kit features a selection of chrome flake colours that are ideal for this nail look.

Step five

Once done, apply a non wipe gel top coat onto the nails and cure. Jenna says it is essential to use a non wipe top coat as a normal top coat will leave a residue on top of the nail even after curing, causing the chrome flakes to clump.

Step six

Using a lint-free pad, apply a sanitising cleanser to the nail. Urban Nails Prep n Finish or Prep and Wipe from Gellux are great options. This will remove the tacky layer created by the gel top coat.

The finished look

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