How to: Casmara facial

Here at Ellisons we pride ourselves on doing extensive product research and so we recently visited Beauty Treats to try out first hand one of the Casmara facial treatments. Read on for a step-by-step how-to guide and find out how easily you can give it a try too!

Step one: Detoxifying phase

Firstly, we applied the Future Peel directly onto the skin. This is specially formulated with three non-aggressive acids to encourage regeneration and to leave the skin clean, renovated and healthy with a sublime, silky touch.

How to apply: Apply half the ampoule and allow to work whilst letting it be completely absorbed for 4-5 minutes. Apply the other half with fingertips by massaging onto the skin’s surface. Remove by using damp cotton pads.

Step two: Cleansing-purifying phase

Next to relax the skin area we applied the Open Pore treatment, which worked by softening any unwanted blackheads to reveal a clean and deeply purified face.

How to apply: Allow to work for 4-5 minutes whilst targeting the most problematic areas of the skin. Gently remove with a damp cotton pad.

Step three: Oxygenating phase

Step three involved applying the face mask made of active oxygen designed to stimulate the skin’s cells to breathe whilst increasing the influx of nutrients penetrating into the skin. This saw a radiant, energised and beaming complexion.
How to apply: Apply all of the contents with a brush or fingertips by massaging into the skin until it lathers up into a foam. Keep the foam present on the skin by massaging it with the tip of your fingers. Then remove with a damp cotton pads.

Step four: Energising Drone-tech phase

This is an intelligent serum which is packed with vitamins, proteins and essential amino acids. Designed to stimulate and invigorate the skin ensuring the skin is correctly prepped ready for phases 5 and 6 to achieve amazing results.

How to apply: Apply half the ampoule by massaging actively to help with an effective soak (it is important to note that depending on your client’s skin type this can take anything between 3-10 minutes). Then apply the remaining content in the booster by gently massaging the face and neck until it’s fully absorbed.

Step five: Refreshing and hydrating green mask phase

Now for the fun part! Made up of seaweed complex along with mint, the green mask provides the skin with an intense cooling effect that calms and soothes. Helping to close up pores worked in the previous phases. This face mask can be used for any occasion your client desires to give skin a cooling and moisturising effect.

How to apply: This process can take up to 20 minutes. You need to pour the contents of the gel and powder into a bowl. Using a spatula you need to quickly mix both components until you achieve a homogeneous paste. You should not take longer than 30 seconds to complete this step. Use the same spatula to apply and spread the face mask onto your client’s skin. Do not take too long as the mask starts to set 4 minutes after you have mixed it. Unlike other masks you can cover your client’s lips and eyes to treat all areas. These areas are sometimes neglected. Allow the face mask to work for 15-20 minutes and then remove the face mask in one piece.

Step 6: Hydro-oxygenating phase
This hydro-oxygenating cream enriched with hyaluronic acid allows the cells to remain thoroughly oxygenated which will give a boost of energy and perform as a wrinkle filler. This revealed a bright and vibrant complexion that will have your client’s feeling brand new.

How to apply: Use half of the content in the ampoule, apply it and massage onto the face and neck until it is fully absorbed. Give the remaining content in the booster to your client for at-home after care.

If you are interested in offering this wonderful service to your treatment menu you’ll be pleased to know it is extremely profitable. Based on charging as little as £45 for this treatment (per facial) you could make a profit of up to £20.

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our tried and tested treatment and felt utterly pampered and relaxed during. We were extremely happy with the results and noticeable difference in complexion after the 6 steps had been completed. Let us know if you have tried any of the Casmara facial treatments and how you got on with them FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

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